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Our Guide to Contemporary Interior Design

Keeping up with current trends doesn’t have to be daunting – if you’ve got an eye for clean lines, minimalist finishes and simple furnishings, you might already have a pretty ‘contemporary’ style.

If you’re interested in the concept but need a little more direction, we’ve put together this helpful guide.


What is contemporary interior design?

Contemporary interior design promotes a particular aesthetic, it’s the current moment in time. It’s not to be confused with ‘modern’ design, which has a more monochromatic, minimalist and balanced approach.

The key philosophy behind it is comfort and neutrality. Contemporary design is simple, stylish and functional.

There’s nothing worse than spending time, money and energy on designing your dream interior only to find in five years’ time it hasn’t aged well. Contemporary interior design avoids this problem – it’s meant to be neutral and ageless.


Key elements of contemporary interior design

Some features to look out for include:

  • Thoughtful, no-fuss design
  • Clean architectural lines
  • Neutral & vibrant colours and styles
  • Emphasis on functionality
  • Innovative Art


5 tips for designing your own contemporary space
  1. Keep it simple

Thoughtful designs will give your space a contemporary feel. Try not to clutter the place with furniture, ornaments or houseplants. Similarly, keep patterns and prints to a minimum.


  1. Functionality over form

Look for clean lines and simple shapes. Focus on furniture that is stylish and practical. Sleek and refined finishes.


  1. Choose a neutral colour palette

This doesn’t have to mean sticking to black, whites and greys. Consider muted colours like fawn, sage green, rust and cream. Select a primary background tone and add one or two complimentary colours to offset and accentuate your favourite features.


  1. Work with texture

Good quality fabrics and finishes keep things sophisticated. This is especially true for carpets, curtains and blinds. Work with smooth, heavy and sleek textures to give your space a lasting, contemporary feel.


  1. Comfort and neutrality

Remember: the cardinal rule of contemporary design is comfort and neutrality. A comfortable sofa in a neutral colour and shape, for example, is going to serve you better than an impractical design no matter how ‘trendy’ it is at the time.


Get started

The great thing about contemporary interior design is that it’s so easy to get started. You don’t have to spend months pouring over magazines or arguing with consultants – take the hassle out of decorating by beginning with a neutral colour palette, modern materials and no-fuss furnishings.


Contemporary interiors on show at Ballina Waterford Rise

If you’re looking for a bit of inspiration why not visit our Ballina 250 Display at Waterford Rise, where open plan living meets comfort and neutrality for a clever contemporary feel.