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Designing your work from home space

The dream is in sight – working from home in your purpose-built office space. No more working from the kitchen table and constantly being interrupted. No more commuting!

All that remains is to design the perfect workspace. It’s not as exciting as planning your epic entertaining area… but it’s pretty exciting nonetheless! Here are some tips to help you create an inspiring and focus-friendly environment:

● Natural light. The quickest way to kill your creativity and attention span is to be in a dark space. Ensure you have plenty of natural light entering your workspace (while also being able to draw curtains in the height of summer).

● Shut out distractions. For many families, having an open plan workspace is not practical. If you have kids or noisy significant others, it’s best to have a door so you can minimise distractions.

● Keep away from high traffic areas. To create a quiet space which maximises your productivity, try to position your workspace away from other family members. Lounge rooms (with TVs and stereos) and kitchens are high-traffic areas that can often get noisy.

● Consider your optimum work times. Sometimes we need to work earlier or later than normal – for example, late night or early morning international zoom calls. If you don’t want to disturb younger family members (or don’t want important calls interrupted by bedtime dramas!), it might be best to stay away from other bedrooms.

● Separate your sleep and work spaces. Confusing your working and sleeping spaces can be detrimental to your sleep quality. Where possible, keep your work space separate from your sleep area. (This includes checking emails just before bed!)

● Windows and aspects. A pleasant outlook can do wonders for your productivity and general happiness. Try to position your desk near a window – and if possible, be sure that you can see plants and flowers which are calming and inspiring. (This could encourage you to finally get your front or rear landscaping sorted!)

● Room to move. Try to give yourself plenty of space so your workspace doesn’t feel cramped or confining.

● Stand up! It’s a well-known fact that humans aren’t built for long periods of sitting. Consider an adjustable standing desk so you can enjoy the best of both worlds.

● Keep it tidy. A clean workspace is a simple yet effective way to boost your productivity – it helps to clear your mind, focus on important tasks, and not get distracted by cleaning tasks. This can also be aided by clearing out your clutter – you don’t have to go totally minimalist, but less can definitely be more when it comes to a productive workspace.


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