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An interior designer’s guide to choosing window furnishings

Window furnishings are no longer just about light and privacy – they can transform a room, giving it a sense of ‘wow’, and help tie together a house’s overall design aesthetic.

We asked our Fairhaven Homes interior design team for their hottest tips when choosing window furnishings:

Prioritise room functionality.

While it can be easy to get swept away with gorgeous fabrics and shimmering textures, your window furnishings are first and foremost there to serve a purpose, which may differ from room to room. You want to be able to totally block out light in your Bedrooms. Street-facing or neighbour-facing windows will prioritise privacy. Internal living areas overlooking your backyard or entertaining area have a low privacy need and can prioritise light and aesthetics.

Use sheer curtains or screens for daytime privacy.

Privacy is an important consideration; however we don’t want to live in a cave. Sheer curtains and blinds help you to strike a balance and fill your rooms with light and warmth while keeping out unwanted eyes.

Add colour and texture to the room.

Our interior designers love the flexibility and scope that window furnishings offer – they are an important part of a designer’s palette and armoury. There is a colour, fabric and style to suit every aesthetic and situation. Be bold and let your windows be a feature! Or use texture to add more warmth and character to a space.

Block heat or cold.

Aside from managing light and providing privacy, window furnishings offer the additional functional benefit of helping to regulate your home’s temperature. Blocking heat or cold coming through windows into rooms can drastically impact your internal climate – and your energy bills. Those in cooler climates will also prioritise window furnishings that allow the maximum light and heat to come through and warm your home on cold winter days.

Protect floors and furniture.

Controlling the amount of direct sunlight that comes into specific rooms in the hot summer months can go a long way to preserving the life of furniture, carpet and even floorboards.

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