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Best budget interior design tips to upgrade your home Part 2

No matter how much you love your home, sometimes it’s nice to change things up. You might feel like your style and taste in interior design has evolved, or you might have spotted a trend that you would like to create in your home.

Achieving a new look and feel for a space can be easily and inexpensively achieved with carefully considered choices. A touch up here, a freshen up there and a few new bits and pieces can make your home feel completely different!

Try a few of these top tips for being interior design savvy and upgrading your home on any budget.

  1. Get creative with soft furnishings

Throw, cushions, rugs, a feature ottoman or beanbag — use soft furnishings to give rooms a facelift or even transform a space. The sky is the limit with patterns, textures, colours and sizes. Plus, there are many budget options, or you could even consider DIY by sewing or dying fabrics to your liking. Got an old chair that’s comfy but drab? Recovering furniture can save you money and provide a one-off piece to cherish!
Tahlee 285 Single Storey Display Kaduna Park Estate

  1. Play with plants

Indoor plants have surely never been more on trend in interior design! Whether you just want a couple of plants or vases of flowers to lift certain rooms or you are going for the full jungle vibe, foliage is in! Keep to budget by using cuttings to grow your own plants — succulents can be a sure thing.

  1. Explore art of all kinds

Art prints, paintings and canvases are readily available for any taste or budget. Plus, think beyond the art you can hang — the addition of ornaments, sculptures, even photographs can update or alter your style easily and inexpensively. You could even try creating something yourself!

Tahlee 285 Single Storey Display Kaduna Park Estate

  1. Dress up the walls

As well as adding art to your walls, you can dress them up in other ways. Feature walls can be impactful and accessible to DIY when you’re wanting to update your interior. Wallpaper or paint can create something special in certain rooms. Even just adding a texture is a subtle but impactful way to enhance a space.

Looking for more advice on sprucing up your home’s interior design? We have another article covering our interior designers’ budget-conscious tips and tricks to improve any space here.

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