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Best budget interior design tips to upgrade your home

You don’t need to pay the earth to create your dream home! Our expert team of Interior Designers share their favourite budget-conscious tips, tricks and trends to upgrade and modernise your home, add a touch of style, and improve the liveability of your space

1/ List your non-negotiables
There are many ways to upgrade your home so it helps to be clear on your ‘must-haves’ so they are a priority. Start by creating a list of non-negotiables – this may be pot drawers in your kitchen and / or sliding robes in the bedrooms to maximise your storage and space as well as keeping spaces tidy and organised. Focus on these first to ensure you cover the fundamentals; anything else is a bonus.

2/ Furniture placement
Take the time to consider how your furniture will be placed in your new space. Do you require additional powerpoints for feature lamps or benchtop appliances? Some simple and cost-effective decisions now can provide huge liveability benefits later.

3/ Liveability
Any home upgrades will ideally compliment how you want to live. Consider what works for you and your family, and how you live on a daily basis. But also think about how you want to live. If you want relaxing spaces with an abundance of natural light, consider utilising glass sliding doors – as well as providing more natural light, they can change the entire feel of the space. They allow you to ‘bring the outside in’, creating a pleasant and positive atmosphere that your whole family will enjoy.

4/ Insulation
Your insulation may be out of sight – but with rising electricity costs and hotter summers, it’s effects certainly won’t be out of mind. Consider insulation upgrades as they can greatly reduce your electricity and gas bills, and help to create a more comfortable home year-round.

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