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What is Scandi interior design?

If light, breathable, functional, stylish interior spaces are what you’re seeking, then this design style might be for you.

Scandi interior design is modelled on design principles popular in the Scandinavian region — think Denmark, Norway and Sweden. These principles centre around creating harmonious environments that support and encourage quality over quantity.


Key elements of Scandi interior design

As with any interior design style, there are some key elements that define Scandi. These include:

  • Natural elements: light timbers, interior plants and organic textiles like wool, linen and burlap.
  • Less is more: Clutter is not the name of the game when you’re aiming to achieve Scandi. As mentioned, quality over quantity is what you’re looking for as Scandi requires a minimalist approach.
  • Neutral and muted tones: Rather than bright popping colours, traditional Scandi style focuses on a neutral colour palette.
  • Light and bright: Light sources should be natural where possible, including via windows, skylights and candles. When using lamps and overhead lighting, they should offer warmth.
  • Functional furnishings: Each item in your home should have a function or perhaps multiple functions. A table that works as a storage space, a cluster of stools that can act as seating or side tables depending on your needs — keep it simple and keep it functional.


Where to start with designing your own space

Want to incorporate the minimalism and craftsmanship of Scandinavian interior design in your home? Start by picking a few basic elements of Scandi design to kick it off.

Say you’re looking at a living space. You would look at choosing a neutral contemporary sofa with clean lines, perhaps with a timber frame. Add a neutral-toned wool throw for a cosy and functional addition. A timber coffee table with built-in drawers can bring more function and form, enabling you to keep surfaces clear. Don’t forget to add a house plant and candle or two and there you go — you are well on your way to a Scandi space.


Fairhaven display for Scandi interior inspiration

Want to walk through a home that takes the Scandi approach? The Fairhaven Merimbula display at Coridale in Lara, Victoria is well worth a visit to get inspired.

You’ll notice the natural features and neutral colour palette enhanced by warm timbers and minimalist nature-inspired art pieces on the walls.

When designing your own home from the ground up with Fairhaven, you’ll work with qualified interior designers who can help you achieve the look and feel you’re after.

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