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Ten Interior Designer tips to customise your new home Part 2

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We spoke to the Fairhaven interior design team to get their top tips for customising your home so it feels authentically YOU.

Create an inviting entrance

Creating an entrance that is inviting sets the tone for the rest of your home, so take care to get it right. This includes the décor at your front door as well as that first space upon entering the home.

A stylish doormat enables your guests to feel comfortable to wipe their feet and head on in, while an entry table can make a practical design feature. Keep it neat though — a candle, vase or lamp usually works well.


Boost street appeal through planting

As the saying goes, you only get one chance to make a first impression! And your front yard and street frontage is that opportunity for your home.

A few thoughtful plant choices and some crushed rock or woodchips can quickly lift your front garden from drab to fab. If you’re not sure what you want to plant just yet, start with some big pots to experiment with different styles.


Customise window furnishings to suit the use of each space

The importance of window furnishings should never be overlooked!

Not only can they be a stylish addition to any room, consider the use of each space too — for example, west facing areas will benefit from block-out blinds to reduce the need for cooling in hot weather.


Hang personal photos

Art pieces on your walls can be an excellent way to customise your home, but don’t overlook adding a personal touch.

Framing and hanging family photos or even photos of special places you’ve visited over the years look great and offer a talking point for visitors too.


Nominate a consistent theme

An interior design theme can enable you to express your personal style while avoiding creating anything too mismatched.

Whether it’s Hamptons, Scandinavian or Industrial, having a theme to go back to when making choices can bring everything together beautifully.


Layer your lighting

It’s incredible the impact lighting has on a home. Rather than relying on flicking the downlights on for every occasion, create some lighting layers to play with.

Lamps, dimmers, candles, feature lighting — we cover the ins and outs of lighting for your home in this blog here.



Have fun with textures

Soft furnishings present the opportunity to explore a range of textures to enhance the feel of your home.

Floor rugs, throw pillows, blankets — whatever your style is, make a conscious choice with the textures and colours you opt for.


Check scale of furniture to your room

Scale is how an item relates to the size of a room, and it plays a vital role in interior design and styling.

As a simple example, a larger dining room with higher ceilings will be able to handle a grand dining table and chairs. However, reconsider the chunky options for your smaller dining room to ensure your furniture doesn’t overwhelm the space.


Think about the use of your outdoor areas

Will you be entertaining at meal times? If so, a BBQ and practical table with chairs for dining is a must. If the space will be commonly used for reading and relaxing, a lounge could be a better idea.

Keep your family structure in mind too — do you need to save space for a children’s play area or for pets? Make practical choices then tie your style in from there.


Reflect your personality

At the end of the day, your home should show your guests a bit about you and your family. Your space should feel uniquely you and make you feel good whenever you’re there.

With the expertise of the Fairhaven Homes Interior Designers at hand during your build, you will be supported to make the best choices for your home and personal style.

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