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How to nail these five popular interior styles

When making choices for flooring and fixtures, or styling your home’s interior, it can be helpful to have an idea of what style you might be going for. This will mean that your decisions stick to a theme and can come together to create a stylish finished look.

We’ve put together a quick  guide for you that covers the fundamentals of these five popular interior styles. This will ensure that you put together a home that exceeds expectations!


Chances are you have heard of the Hamptons style and can identify it, but do you know it’s origins? This style is generally inspired by the luxurious holiday abodes in the Long Island region, near New York City.

When you’re going for a Hamptons vibe, stick to natural colours and textures. Think linens, light oak and sleek glass. White walls keep the look clean and fresh.


Often shortened to Scandi, this Nordic approach to design delivers a look that is minimalist but warm and cosy. Simple, practical and modern are underpinning features of the Scandi interior design style.

Neutral tones are best to achieve a Scandi interior style along with simple contemporary furniture pieces. Seek to maximise the natural light and opt for lighter wood over dark. Keep it cosy with rugs and throws, and while it’s best to avoid super heavy fabrics don’t shy away from textures.


Don’t be mistaken — Industrial isn’t about making your home look like a factory. What it is about, is showcasing the rawness of materials.

You might like to explore layers of terrazzo and black or brass tapware with exposed pipes. Rich leather finishes and metal-framed furniture can be worked in. Heavier, darker tones can be leaned into as well for furnishings or even feature walls or panels — black, brown, grey, red.


Modern refers to a certain look from the early to mid-1900s and incorporates clean lines, thoughtful details and well-balanced spaces are essential. Don’t get it confused with contemporary, which simply refers to the style of now and what’s coming in the future.

Furnish your modern home with black or darker timber pieces. You can be a bit bolder with your art choices in a modern space too. Add graphic art pieces selectively throughout your home. Monochrome works perfectly to capture the essence of a modern interior and you can play with textures and pops of colour.


Australiana is a relatively new trend in interior styling, but it’s one that seems as though it’s here to stay. This style is earthy and colourful, with an organic feel to it.

When working towards Australiana in your interior, look to pieces such as oak furniture, textured boucle fabrics and colours like charcoal, rust and even bright yellows.

Make it uniquely you

Whichever style you are going for, don’t be afraid to do it your way. Your home should feel uniquely yours and that means not always following the rules!

If you are currently working with our Interior Design team to create your dream home, they can help you make choices that are going to get the result you’re after – just let them know some key points about what you are aiming to achieve.

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