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Top benefits of feature lighting in your home

Lighting is an important part of setting the ‘mood’ within a space.  This often involves more than just downlights and adding a lamp.

Following are a range of lighting options you can consider incorporating into your home design to show each room in the best light.


Accent Lighting

As the name suggests, accent lighting is designed to accentuate a particular object, feature, or area. Accent lighting is typically subtle yet effective and brings visual interest to a space.

It can be used to highlight and emphasise art, textures, shelving or stairs, and generally enhance the aesthetic of a room.

Examples of accent lighting: spotlights, track lighting, LED strip lighting, recessed lights


Task Lighting

Maximising the functional use of each room is essential for your home. Task lighting ensures that there is adequate lighting to better accomplish a specific activity.

For example, when enjoying a meal in your dining area, you want to be able to have a comfortable atmosphere while still providing enough light to see what’s on the table. Meanwhile, for reading a book in bed, you might consider bedside pendants or wall lights, or the classic inclusion of a lamp.

Further examples of task lighting: Direct lighting over the kitchen island bench and study desk.


Ambient Lighting (should be moved above Accent Lighting)

Ambient lighting can help a room feel warm and welcoming and is usually the foundation of lighting for any room. This creates functionality and sets the tone for your space.

Examples of ambient lighting: Dimmable downlights, pendants, track lights and recessed lights


Decorative Lighting

Decorative lighting adds interest and personality.

Sometimes known as the fourth layer of interior illumination, decorative lighting is an opportunity to showcase your unique style. When choosing options, consider how you can use lighting to add character or make a statement.

Examples of decorative lighting: Pendants, chandeliers, lamps, wall mounted lights


Take a thoughtful approach to lighting

When you’re exploring lighting design and feature light options for your new home, take the time to consider how you will use each space.

Achieving the right lighting can make a huge difference to the way your home looks and feels. Let the Fairhaven Homes Design Consultants guide you in making lighting choices for your new home.

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