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Single or double storey: what should you choose? Part 2

Does your dream home have a single storey or two? When it comes to choosing the perfect design, there are a number of things to weigh up.

We’ve already gone through certain elements in a previous blog, such as the size of your block and your family’s individual needs. Let’s finish that list with a few more factors to consider.



You might automatically think single storey homes are cheaper to build. It’s true there are costs associated with a second level, such as scaffolding, staircases and balustrades. On the other hand, double storey homes can maximise living space on small blocks, so you might save money on the cost of land.
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Entertaining? Planning a garden? Dreaming of getting a pool? How you want to utilise your space will influence whether you build a single or double storey home.

Single storey is great for large blocks, establishing easy flow between inside and outdoor spaces.

Double storeys make a difference on small blocks. Double storey houses effectively stack different parts of the house on top of each other, which is a clever way to maximise living space while leaving room for outdoor areas.

Tathra 363 Double Storey Display Meridian Estate


Energy Efficiency

Single storey homes are often easier to heat and cool. This can make them more efficient to run, especially in hot or humid climates. Don’t forget that some systems – like evaporative cooling – are only suitable for single storey homes.

Double storey homes have their advantages. Remember, it’s all about the design you choose. For example, reverse living means you’ll enjoy a warm living space upstairs in winter and cooler rooms downstairs in summer.  Reverse cycle systems are an economical choice for double storey homes.


Stair Safety

It’s a good idea to evaluate whether stairs are suitable for your family. Stairs aren’t ideal for young children, elderly people or those with accessibility requirements. If this sounds like you, a single storey will be safer and easier to navigate.

Double storey homes can work for large families, giving kids and teenagers, parents, grandparents and people working from home their own spaces to relax, work and play.


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