Benefits of Building Double Storey on a Smaller Lot

If you’re building on a lot that is smaller than 300sqm, it’s worth taking the time to get to know the ins and outs of the Small Lot Housing Code.

Introduced back in 2011, the Small Lot Housing Code (SLHC) was developed to give more people access to land by allowing homes to be built on smaller lots without requiring additional planning permits. For purchasers of lots that fall under 300sqm, the SLHC has been designed to ensure that your home maximises your lot. Plus, it helps to ensure you can avoid the time, effort and expense of extra permits when building your new home.


Knowing whether the SLHC affects your land

Your block of land may be impacted by the Small Lot Housing Code if your land size comes under 300 sqm. Depending on each council, your block may be categorised as a Type A, Type B or Type A and B. The category will determine the guidelines your home will need to follow to meet the SLHC.

Here’s what you should know about each block type:

Type A:

  • The front setback of the building line is to be 3m (or refer to building envelope) unless it is a declared road then there must be a 4m setback.
  • Garage to be 5m subject to Developer’s guidelines (as some may require 5.5m).

Type B:

  • The front setback of the building line is to be 1.5m (or refer to building envelope).
  • Garage to be 5m subject to Developer’s guidelines (as some may require 5.5m).

Both Type A and B:

  • Private and open space for 3+ bedrooms must have 24sqm with a minimum depth of 3m.
  • Porch depth to be 800mm from the building line, which can encroach on the front setback.

Please note these are some of the common requirements for blocks under 300sqm, but there are additional requirements that may apply.


Complying with the Small Lot Housing Code

At Fairhaven Homes we aim to make complying with the Small Lot Housing Code simple, keeping the requirements front of mind in our approach to designing suitable homes. By meeting the SLHC house design and siting standards, you avoid costs

There are a few key elements we consider when making sure your home will meet the SLHC. These include:

  • Setbacks
  • Building height
  • Car space provisions
  • Private open space provisions
  • Overlooking
  • Direct sunlight access
  • Overshadowing
  • Building articulation
  • Fences

As mentioned earlier, the decisions will depend on which block type your land is categorised as. Rest assured that we work with you to make this process straightforward.


Double-storey perks for a smaller lot

There’s lots to love about a smaller block of land to build your new home, and to get the most floor space possible, a double-storey home could be right for you. By choosing to build a double-storey home design, you can create an inviting four-bedroom family home complete with study nook, double garage and main ensuite and walk-in-robe.

There are plenty of reasons to explore a double-storey home or single-level design on a smaller lot, including:

Low maintenance: Spend your weekends doing things you love rather than dedicating time and energy to keeping large lawns under control.  Plus, you can still get plenty of enjoyment out of a smaller, easier-to-maintain garden.

Budget-friendly option: Smaller blocks can be a more affordable option, giving you the chance to save money or redistribute your budget to spend it on things you really want.

Space-effective home designs: The Fairhaven Homes range of SLHC-compatible home designs offers ample choice for every home buyer. Whether you’re looking at double-storey homes or prefer to stick to one level, the carefully considered layouts make the most of every bit of space so you can fit it all in regardless of your block size.


Fairhaven Homes Designs to suit the SLHC

At Fairhaven Homes we provide a range of designs that assist you in meeting the code requirements, making the process of complying with the SLHC that much easier. This means you can enjoy the cost-saving and reduced maintenance of a smaller lot without undue hassle.

With thoughtful, clever home designs that combine exceptional style with compliance with the SLHC, our small block solutions have you covered.

Whether you’re looking at single or double-storey options, our range of SLHC-compliant designs maximise their use of space to bring your dream home to life. With Fairhaven, there’s no need to sacrifice on spaciousness and style when you have a smaller allotment.

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