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Choosing the Right Floor Plan: Exploring the Benefits of Single and Double-Storey House and Land Floor Plans

Meridian Two Storey Home Design by Fairhaven

Choosing the right floor plan is a vital step when considering a home design or house and land package. The floor plan not only determines the overall layout and flow of your future home but also plays a significant role in accommodating your lifestyle and needs. Having a solid understanding of the ins and outs of single-storey and double-storey home designs can help you make the right decision for your family.


Different Types of Floor Plans 

The two most popular types of floor plans you will come across are single-storey floor plans (otherwise known as one level) and double-storey floor plans (sometimes called double level or two storey). Both come in a variety of shapes and sizes, with a range of home design styles too.


Benefits of Single-Storey Floor Plans

If you’re leaning toward a single-storey home design, you can expect to enjoy benefits, including:


Convenient accessibility and mobility considerations
With all living areas located on a single level, single-storey homes can provide safe, easy access for families with young children or elderly members as well as those with mobility challenges.


Open and spacious layout

Single-storey floor plans provide a sense of openness and spaciousness, making them ideal for those who prefer a seamless flow between rooms and a feeling of togetherness.


Energy efficiency advantages

Single-storey homes often have a smaller footprint, which can result in better energy efficiency. Cooling and heating costs may be reduced due to the absence of stairs and less exterior wall area.


Economical Construction Cost

The construction costs of a single-storey home are generally lower than building double-storey homes. This is due to less complexity in the design and a reduced need for structural elements like stairs.


Reduced Maintenance

Keeping everything to one level can make your home easier to clean and maintain when compared to two-level homes, saving you time and effort.


Benefits of Double-Storey Floor Plans 

There are plenty of advantages to opting for a double-storey house design, such as:


Increased living space and design flexibility

Typically, double-storey homes will offer larger homes, allowing for bigger bedrooms, extra storage areas or the potential for multiple living areas.


Privacy and separation of living areas

Double-storey homes offer zoning advantages, making it easier to keep living areas, working areas and sleeping areas separate. This provides privacy and reduces disturbances to one another.


Potential for better views

Offering a higher elevation, double-storey homes often offer improved views, whether it’s of surrounding landscapes, city skylines or natural scenery.


Utilising vertical space efficiently

Double-storey homes make efficient use of vertical space, making them an excellent choice for homeowners with limited land area. You can often achieve a larger home on a smaller footprint.


Additional Outdoor Space

With that smaller footprint, a double-storey floor plan means you can likely have a bigger backyard and you can enjoy the benefits of having plenty of space for fun and leisure outdoors.


Making an Informed Decision Between Single or Double-Storey Floor Plans

When weighing up which house design is best for you, there’s a few boxes you should tick in the decision-making process:


Consider your future needs and lifestyle: Don’t just build for now — think about what the future holds too.


Budget considerations and cost comparisons: Compare the benefits of your preferred home design with the cost, keeping your budget front of mind to ensure you make a smart choice now and long-term.


Local regulations and restrictions: Some areas and councils have stringent requirements around home heights so be sure to check in your area.


Consulting with professionals for guidance: The team at Fairhaven can give you expert guidance throughout all the decisions you make around choosing a home design that’s right for you.


Reach out for a chat with Fairhaven and get to know more about the difference between single-storey and double-storey floor plans and start the home building journey.