What happens behind the scenes before your build can start?

You’ve completed the sales process, have confirmed your floor plan design and paid an initial deposit. What else needs to happen before your build can start?

Here’s an overview of the eight stages involved, and rough timeframes, before any work can commence on site.


Stage 1: Meet your Client Relations Officer

Your Fairhaven Homes Client Relations Officer is your main point of contact throughout the entire process. They are with you every step of the way until work commences on your site.

Your new home journey officially starts when your Client Relations Officer calls you to introduce themselves and answer any questions you may have. During this call, they’ll book in your myHaven Selection Studio appointment.

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Stage 2: MyHAVEN Selection Studio appointment

The Fairhaven Homes myHAVEN Selection Studio showcases a wide range of Included finishes and the latest ‘upgrade’ finishes and fixtures available. It’s a one-stop showroom for you to see, experience and ultimately select your Kitchen appliances & fittings, vanity design, fixtures, flooring, doors, tiles, benchtops and so much more.

A fully qualified Fairhaven Homes Interior Designer will guide you through the entire selection process. We’d love to physically welcome you to the myHAVEN Selection Studio, however we can conduct a virtual appointment if needed.

Once you’ve signed off on your selections, we’ll provide a preliminary estimate highlighting any additional costs based on your choices. We will confirm a final price at your tender appointment (Stage 4).

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Stage 3: Drafting

Next, your project moves to the drafting stage. This is where preliminary plans are drawn up based on the floorplan you selected at the sales stage, plus any options selected in your myHAVEN Selection Studio appointment.

Your Client Relations Officer will then book your Tender appointment once your myHAVEN Studio selections are added to estimating and drafting.

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Stage 4: Tender appointment

During your tender appointment, a Fairhaven Homes Tender Presenter will confirm everything you’ve selected and provide a final price. This is your last chance to make any amendments from your myHAVEN Studio selections.

Once you sign the Tender, our drafting team will prepare contract plans.
If no changes are made, HIA contracts can be prepared the same day.


Stage 5: Sign HIA contract

Next, we apply for Developer Approval and then complete your contract plans. Your Client Relations Officer then sends you an HIA   – please sign and return it as soon as possible to avoid unnecessary delays to your project.

Once we receive your signed HIA contract, we order a building permit with the council if your land is titled.

Stage 6: Bank valuation, final estimating and final drafting

Over the next 2-3 weeks, the following happens:

  • Once we receive your signed HIA contract, your Client Relations Officer will ask your finance broker to order a bank valuation, which involves your bank or financial institution going to the site to value your property.
  • Your building permit is approved, and your plans are sent to the drafting team to incorporate any final amendments or changes required by Building Surveyor.
  • Your file is in final estimating to complete orders to site.
  • Your finance broker notifies us that you’ve received unconditional finance approval, your 5% deposit is required.

Stage 7: Sign final documents

Once we receive your building permit, your Client Relations Officer sends you final documents – please sign and return these promptly.

Stage 8: Site start

Congratulations! We’ve received your signed final documents, and work can now commence on the site of your new home!

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