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Choosing the right Hamptons style for your new home

When it comes to styling your dream home, the Hamptons style has long been a popular choice inside and out thanks to its timeless charm. A style inspired by the luxurious holiday homes in the Long Island region, near New York City, Hamptons typically features natural colours and sleek, fresh finishes.

While you’ve probably heard of the Hamptons style, you might not know that there are several variations of this design approach. Depending on the look and feel you are after, understanding the characteristics of each can help you understand what you want to achieve from your home’s style and how to best make it happen.

Let’s look at five popular ways of interpreting the Hamptons style language and how you can introduce elements into your home to capture the essence of each.


Traditional Hamptons

Traditional Hamptons style sticks to the classic and sophisticated aesthetics of the region. Think white exteriors, detailed features and an air of timeless elegance. Traditional Hamptons homes showcase a refined colour palette of whites, creams and soft neutrals along with nature textures including linen, timber and rattan, creating a serene and welcoming atmosphere.


Modern Hamptons

For those seeking a more contemporary twist on the Hamptons style, the Modern Hamptons offers a fresh and streamlined approach. Rather than intricate detailing, Modern Hamptons embraces clean lines and a seamless flow between spaces. Contrasting textures and materials, such as timber cladding, stone accents and large windows, adding depth and visual interest. Modern Hamptons homes still have a sense of sophistication while embracing the comforts of modern living.


Country Hamptons

If you appreciate a rustic and cosy ambience, the Country Hamptons style might be perfect for you. This style infuses the traditional Hamptons design with a warm and inviting countryside charm. Features you would expect from Country Hamptons would be exposed beams, wood elements and an earthy colour palette.


Coastal Hamptons

Bring the best of seaside living to your doorstep with the Coastal Hamptons style. With this approach you want to focus on bright spaces, with plenty of natural light and sandy neutrals. A splash of blue and nautical features such as ropes and natural fibres can reflect coastal vibes.


Industrial Hamptons Style

Combining the elegance of Hamptons design with industrial elements like exposed brick, metal accents and concrete finishes, Industrial Hamptons is edgy and contemporary. Open plan layouts complemented by high ceilings, statement lighting fixtures and darker, more bold finishes take the classic Hamptons look to a new level.


Capture the Hamptons style with Fairhaven

At Fairhaven we have a range of interior and exterior options (including luxury inclusions!) that allow you to create a Hamptons-inspired home, no matter which Hamptons style you prefer.

Whether you prefer the timeless appeal of the traditional Hampton, the rustic charm of country Hamptons or something else, there’s a home design at Fairhaven to suit every taste and lifestyle.

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