Building your dream home: 6 things our clients learned

Building a home is a journey that encompasses many things. You want to get it right, down to the last little detail as you are creating a space that is uniquely yours. Fairhaven is proud to make this vision a reality for many homebuilders and we’re happy to share our clients’ six top tips.


  1. Choose a design and plan to suit your lifestyle

Building your dream home is an opportunity to create your ideal space. Satisfied clients Jess and John say it’s important to choose a design and floorplan which ticks all your boxes. Whether it’s open plan, family living, extra outdoor space or a touch of luxury you’re after, discover perfection in our extensive range. Choosing an adaptable floorplan will allow for growth as your lifestyle can change over time. When choosing a design and plan for your home, using your existing house as a reference point can be helpful. Deciding what you currently have in your existing plan that works or doesn’t work for you will influence your decision for your ideal design.


  1. Take a virtual tour or visit a display

With over 40 virtual home tours we are taking the stress out of choosing your dream property. That doesn’t mean you can’t see it in person — visit a display home and experience the space. This will enable the perfect opportunity to visualise the space you are wanting to create for your own home. Visiting a display home comes with many beneficial factors. It allows you to examine the space and functionality, as well as envision and observe features that are important to you.


  1. Read your contract carefully

Our clients can’t overstate the importance of having a clear vision. Reading your contract thoroughly is a good way to ensure you get exactly what you want and understand exactly what you are getting. If anything is unclear, just ask!


  1. Talk to a mortgage broker

Financing your home may seem daunting, but there’s plenty of support out there. Alongside the team at Fairhaven, a good mortgage broker can guide you through the process. David built his coastal dream home and never looked back. ‘Just do it!’ he says — help is around the corner. Talking to a mortgage broker can ease the pressure of managing finances to an extent when building. They know who to contact, when to contact and why to contact while helping you make informed decisions to benefit your lifestyle. Our partners at RateOne are the experts at all things finance.


  1. Get creative with myHAVEN Selection Studio

The best part? According to our clients, the myHAVEN Selection Studio is a highlight. Get a feel for finishes and choose the colours you want for your home externally and internally. Select your bricks, external door, kitchen appliances, tapware, vanities, flooring, tiles, doors, benchtops and more. Bobby and Willie’s tip is to do your homework before the appointment, good preparation forms confidence and adds excitement. Think about how you live and function in your home and let our experienced interior designers guide you through the rest. Trust the process.


  1. Always ask questions

While other home builders might exclude you from the process, Fairhaven is proud to collaborate with our clients to achieve amazing results. Fairhaven engage with their clients to understand their needs and support their goals. Our knowledgeable team is here to answer every question. As happy clients Sophie and Josh say, ‘we felt like Fairhaven were part of our journey’.


Building homes is our passion

For us, it’s not just a job. Building quality homes that last a lifetime is our passion along with seeing families enjoy them. The best part for us is seeing the clients happy, not just at the completion of the build, but throughout their entire journey with Fairhaven.

Start your home-building journey with the support of Fairhaven today.