David’s coastal dream

At 41 David built the coastal home of his dreams with Fairhaven in the Gippsland region.

“It was a lifelong dream to build a home by the coast. Reminiscent of my childhood spent with my family.”


Why Fairhaven?

The answer was simple “Fairhaven made me feel welcome and comfortable right from the ‘get go’ plus great value for money.”


Bridgewater range

He described the Bridgewater process as “an easy process with help from the wonderful staff at Fairhaven”.

Originally David was interested in a home design previously on offer, the Eden, but decided that the double storey home was too small and didn’t provide all the features he was looking for in his dream home.


The one

David had an ah uh moment when he discovered the Newport 413. Offering six Bedrooms, two Bathrooms, two Powder Rooms, three Living areas, a Theatre, Study Nook and Covered Outdoor Area.


MyHAVEN Studio

Our myHAVEN Selection Studio is a one-stop showroom for you to see, touch and choose your Kitchen appliances, vanities, tapware, flooring, doors, tiles, benchtops, surfaces and much more.

“The myHAVEN selection process was fantastic! The interior designers were amazing, helpful and accommodating.”

When asked to describe the interior design of his home David replied, “I visited the Newport 413 display at Edgebrook and immediately thought this is me.”


The build

The happiest moment for David was during the frame stage.

“Secretly I had a brief teary moment when I drove around the corner and saw half of the frame up.” He explained.


David’s favourite feature in his home would be the Kitchen and Living area “it’s a vibe”.

“The entire process from start to finish was amazing. I’m truly grateful for the entire experience.”


Just do it!

“I understand building homes is an arduous task with many moving parts” he stated.

“Sincerely from the bottom of my heart; I am truly grateful to the entire team at Fairhaven” he continued.

“Something built by humans is rarely perfect but in my experience it was!”

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