Which grey is the right grey for your home

There are over 500 shades of grey that the human eye can distinguish. Who knew there were so many different greys? No wonder selecting the right shade for your home is tricky! On top of that, when it comes to home design the colour palette can really set the tone so it’s a decision you want to get right.

Grey stands out as a versatile neutral option for home design that can feel elegant, calm, and modern. With a deeper understanding of this timeless colour, you will feel better equipped to decide on which grey will work best for your home.


Understanding undertone and masstone
The world of grey isn’t just black and white – it’s a spectrum of shades with subtle undertones that can influence how the colour appears in different conditions. Undertone refers to the hidden hue within the grey. This could warm with hints of red, yellow, or brown, or cool with touches of blue or green. On the other hand, masstone is the overall appearance of the colour when viewed in normal lighting.

Before diving into the spectrum of greys, consider the undertones that will best lend themselves to your desired look. Do you lean towards warm, cosy spaces or a cooler, more modern feel? This decision is crucial to guide your grey selection.

Our Clovelly 22 display displays light variation with cool grey undertones, warmer undertones can be found within our Brooklyn 278 display at Orana.


Test your top picks
Greys can vary depending on their surroundings. It’s one thing to see colours by themselves, but they can look quite different when next to others. When testing out different grey swatches, make sure to examine them against other elements of your home. To understand how the grey will interact with your space, place the swatch near furniture, flooring, and fabrics. This will give you a sense of how the colour complements each of the room’s elements.


Let there be light
Location matters when it comes to choosing the right grey. Natural and artificial lighting can significantly alter the appearance of a colour. Before finalising your choice, take a look at how the grey looks during different times of the day. The interplay of light can turn a warm grey into a cosy haven or a cool grey into a serene retreat.
We discussed various feature lighting aspects outside of the natural world, read about it here.


Fairhaven colour selection specialists
Choosing the right shade of grey when designing your home can be overwhelming, but the myHAVEN team is here to help. Our interior design experts believe that every colour has its own story to tell and can help you decide the right colour for your home goals.