Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Home Builder: Part 2

Building a home is a big investment. With so much time, money, energy and emotion at stake it’s important that you come to the process equipped with as much information as possible.

Choosing the right building company is one way to minimise stress and ensure you achieve the outcome you’re looking for. In this article you’ll find some extra advice on what to ask your home builder before and during the process.


Can we visit a display home?

This one might sound obvious, but it’s a great way to check out whether the company or builder you’re interested in is going to create the perfect home for you. Visiting a display home or asking the builder to show you some examples of completed houses means you’ll be able to ensure you’re happy with the finished product. While you’re there, pay attention to things like finishes, building materials, floorplan and style.


Are you registered and insured?

Again, you might think this one goes without saying – but it’s always a good idea to make sure. Never sign anything without checking that everything’s above board. It will give you peace of mind and ensure you feel confident regarding your choice of builder.


How will you keep me informed throughout the build?

Clear communication is key, and it’s important for you to stay in the loop. Ask your builder and site manager how they plan to communicate with you throughout the process and let them know you’d like regular updates. It’s okay to ask for a direct contact number so that you’ll be able to get in touch whenever you need them. It’s also important you provide your best contact details so that your builder will be able to reach you at any time.


Do you provide any warranties?

It’s a good sign when a builder provides a warranty – it means they’re confident their construction and materials are going to see you through. Make sure you check out what warranties are on offer and consider what this means for the durability of your build. At Fairhaven we provide 25 year structural warranties because we know our homes are built to last.


Can you clarify this?

Remember to always ask questions – whether it’s an unfamiliar term in the contract, a detail you’re unsure of or a site-related question that’s been playing on your mind. Double check things and don’t be afraid to seek independent advice. This is your build, and staying informed throughout the process means you won’t commit to anything less than perfect.


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