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Our HIA Award Winning Homes

Building quality homes for fair prices will always be our top priority. That’s just one of the reasons we’ve taken out Housing Industry Australia (HIA) awards every year since 2018.

Here’s a recap of the award-winning display homes we’re super proud of.


Clovelly 225 – Waterford Rise: Best Display Home up to $250,000

This home is our best-seller for a reason, packing style and charm into one affordable design.


Riverview: Arcadia – Best Display Home between $250,001 – $300,000

The Riverview is an award-winning example of zoned living perfect for families.

Riverview 266 Exterior - Fairhaven Homes


Hastings – Waterford Rise: Best Display Home between $400,001 – 500,000

The Hastings takes the quality up a notch with its contemporary features and fresh design.


Lonsdale 409 – Aurora: Best Display Home between $500,001 – 600,000

With comfortable open living, four bedrooms and even a Theatre, the Lonsdale 409 is built for luxurious living.

Lonsdale 409 Exterior - Fairhaven Homes


Hastings – Waterford Rise: Best Laundry in a Display Home

Hastings – Waterford Rise: Best Kitchen in a Display Home

Hastings – Waterford Rise: Best Bathroom in a Display Home

In 2019 the Hastings took out not one but three awards for its sleek laundry, well-appointed kitchen and elegant bathroom.


Byron 277 – Albright: Best Display Home between $250,001 – $300,000

Small details have a big impact on this home’s striking façade, practical floorplan and natural-looking finishes.

Byron 277 Display Home - Fairhaven Homes


Lonsdale 409 – Canopy: Best Display Home between $500,001 – $600,000

With its dreamy day spa-inspired design, the Lonsdale 409 is an exercise in balance, light and calm.


Merimbula 239 – Kaduna Park: Best Display Home up to $250,000

An exemplary Eco façade, warm tones and comfortable features make the Merimbula 239 a perfectly balanced example of award winning style.


Clovelly 225 – Armstrong Estate: Best Display Home between $250,001 – $300,000

A much-loved design built to suit many lifestyles, the Clovelly 225 popular for a reason, showing how smaller homes can still afford you comfort and ease.

Clovelly 225 Armstrong Estate Display


Ballina 250 – Merrifield: Best Display Home between $250,001 – $300,000

Mediterranean in colour, design and feel, the Ballina 250 display at Merrifield Estate is a superb first home for those after something characterful and engaging.

Experience the Ballina 250 display at Merrifield Estate - Fairhaven Homes


Shoreham 425 – Minta Estate: Best Bathroom in a Display Home over $500,001

Inspired by the clean monochromatic interiors with all the accents of a luxury hotel, the Shoreham 425’s spacious ensuite bathrooms really set the bar in 2021.


Ballina 250 – Waterford Rise: Best Display Home between $250,001 – $300,000

Stepping into this versatile home you’ll appreciate the airy space and family-friendly features.


Shoal 265 – Waterford Rise: Best Display Home between $300,001 – $400,000

This four bedroom beauty takes open plan living to new heights, perfect for enjoying the good things in life.


Shoal 265 – Waterford Rise: Best Kitchen in a Display Home up to $500,000

That’s not all for the Shoal, which also won Best Kitchen for its superb bench space, sleek features, stunning white accents and timber-look finishes.

Award-winning quality homes you can rely on

We’re proud of the work we do and the people we do it for. Together, we’ll continue to build award winning homes for Victorian families.


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