How do House & Land packages work: A guide

When it comes to a simple and convenient solution for building your dream home, house and land packages have become increasingly popular.


If you’re unsure of what ‘House & Land package’ refers to, let us help to explain:

A house and land package is essentially a bundle where a builder offers a new home construction on a block of land that has already been acquired by the builder or by a land developer. For many people wanting to build a new home, a house and land package can be an easier option and in this arrangement, the purchaser does not have to find a block. This can streamline the process for those looking to purchase land as well as build a new home.


Finding the right house & land package for you

The first step in securing a house and land package is to find a reputable land developer or builder… That’s us! Our reputation and track record of delivering quality homes mean you can feel confident in the journey right from the get-go.

Once you’ve chosen your builder, the next step is to choose the area you want to live in, research estates and see what land the builder has available with their packages.

Most builders have a range of properties available, and they will be able to provide you with information about each one, including the size, location, and any other relevant details. It’s important to choose a block of land that suits your needs and your budget, as well as one that is in a location that you are happy with!


The process of choosing a home for your land

With your own allotment of land secured, you can then start the process of designing your new home. This is where you get to put your personal touch on the house, choosing everything from the layout and the number of rooms to the fixtures, fittings, and finishes.

When you choose Fairhaven, our team of experienced Interior Designers will offer advice and guidance tailored to you, to help you make the best choices for your home.


Once the design process is complete, the builder will provide you with a contracts, which will outline all of the costs involved in building your home. This will include any site, the cost of the construction, and any other fees that may be associated with the project. It’s important to carefully review the contract before you sign it, and to ask any questions that you may have. Separate to the build contract, the purchaser will be required to place their deposit directly with the developer.


Construction and repayment stages

Finally, the construction process can begin. This is typically the most exciting part of the process, as you will be able to see your new home taking shape. The builder will be responsible for overseeing the construction process and ensuring that everything is completed to a high standard. They will also be on hand to answer any questions that you may have and to provide you with updates on the progress of the build.


Depending on your individual financial situation, your repayments through your construction loan are likely to gradually increase with each completed stage throughout the build process. Your land will be on a separate mortgage. Best to contact us or your financial institution directly to chat about your unique circumstances. Our partners at Rate One can also be of assistance!


House & Land packages with Fairhaven

Building your own home can be an exciting journey, and with Fairhaven’s House & Land packages, it doesn’t have to be overwhelming.

With one entity handling everything from choosing the land to overseeing the construction process, you can sit back, relax, and watch your dream home take shape.

Unsure if this is the right fit for you, we have more information on options here, alternatively give us a call!