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7 Questions Homebuyers Ask Before Purchasing a House and Land Package

Building your dream home is both exciting and daunting.

House and land packages can make the process simpler for many homebuyers. Let’s cover what you’ll get with new house and land packages.


What Is a House and Land Package?

A house and land package is where the buyer acquires a block of land as well as the construction of a house in one process. Home and land packages have two contracts – one for the land and one for the build.

House and land packages provide a streamlined experience, options to customise your design and a firm idea of the total cost from the outset.


7 Questions to Ask Before Buying a House and Land Package

1. Where is the house and land package situated? 

Finding your dream location starts with searching house and land packages near me and checking out your options.

2. How big is the land? 

Different sized blocks will suit different needs. An average block of land ranges anywhere from 300 to 750m2. Think about how much space you want and pay attention to the figures.

3. What kind of house will I be getting? 

Visiting display homes is a great way to see what sort of house you like and how it fits on the block, as well as getting a feel for the finished product.

4. What inclusions are quoted in the actual package? 

Factors such as which builder you go with and the range your chosen home sits in can impact what it included. Things like driveways, landscaping, carpets, garages and fences aren’t always included, so always ask your developer or builder what comes with your package.

5. Are there additional costs I need to factor in? 

Again, find out if there’s anything you’ll need to budget for and source separately. Although, speaking with our New Home Consultants and Rate One are a great place to start!

6. How long will it take to build? 

Ask your builders about the timeline and what to expect if your build runs over. Good builders have strong, fair policies surrounding delays.

7. What kind of warranty or guarantee does the builder offer?

When a builder provides a warranty it means you can trust them. Fairhaven Homes come with a 25-year structural warranty to give you confidence and assurance.


Where to Look for Competitive House and Land Packages

If getting it all in one go sounds perfect, look no further than Fairhaven Homes. We have a range of appealing house and land packages in Melbourne as well as house and land packages in Geelong to suit every budget and lifestyle.

Get in touch to get started or learn more.