Four simple hacks to create the ideal Laundry space

A good laundry space greatly enhances the liveability of your home, making it easier (and less painful!) to power through chores so you can spend more time doing what you love.

Here are some simple hacks to help you create the ideal Laundry space:


Having enough storage is the cornerstone of a Laundry that you’ll love. More storage always comes in handy: it gives you plenty of room for cleaning products and excess linen, and keeps everything neat, tidy and beautiful. Ensure your design features overhead cupboards that keep dangerous items away from little hands.


Having enough space helps keep things uncluttered and less stressful. In addition to having plenty of storage, you can create more space by using clever design features. For example, put your washing machine and dryer under the bench to create more benchtop space.

Broom and linen cupboards

When planning your clever Laundry, a pro-tip is to include dedicated broom and linen cupboards. Primarily, they help keep the space tidy and organised. But there are other benefits: a broom cupboard makes it easier for the whole family to help keep the house clean (hint hint!), and a linen cupboard ensures everyone knows where things are – and where they should go once clean!

Heat vent

Another pro-tip is adding a heat vent in the laundry. This can save a lot of energy on drying clothes & create a more comfortable environment when spending time ironing & folding.

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