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Top Tips for Maximising Your Storage Space

Walk in robe

A common problem for most of us is having too many things and not enough spaces to put them. Not only can this make being organised difficult, it could dramatically affect the aesthetic of your home and appear cluttered or messy. Luckily, there are some things you can do.

Things are adjustable

Before you go adding a bunch of storage solutions, have a think about whether you are utilising the ones you have most effectively. A lot of us tend to gorget that the shelves in cupboards and wardrobes are actually adjustable. With a quick change to the height of storage areas you can store many more items than you thought.

Stack it up

There are probably going to be large gaping spaces that don’t have shelving, like that big section at the top of your wardrobe or linen closet. Thinking of smart stacking solutions are going to quickly become a life saver. Whether this entails adding shelves, baskets or drawers, the choice is yours. This is relatively cheap and easy to do yourself.

Door are not just entryways

If you’ve got a door, you have a clever storage solution that will make organisation easier. There are many affordable and ingenious additions you can add to a door to make room for storing items. Frames can be fitted over the door that has hooks on one side for jackets. Hang baskets for shoes or beauty products or even compartments for small children’s toys.

Furniture with great hidey holes

Be selective with the furniture you are going to use to fill up your space. There are many options out there that will also offer storage and practicality. Many beds now come with built-in storage underneath. For those that don’t, clever containers or boxes could be great. Coffee tables, seats and even mirrors can also be bought with extra hidey holes to store odds and ends that would otherwise clutter up your space.

Time to throw away?

While clever thinking and a few additions could make your home look a lot more organised, storage will only take you so far. Sometimes it can be worth getting rid of a few things. Most of us have a habit of keeping things ‘just in case’, however most of those things go unused for majority of the year or even longer. Do a massive declutter and donate, sell or throw away things you could go without.