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Build a sustainable home with Fairhaven

Sustainability matters. At Fairhaven Homes we believe that building quality homes for the future means combining liveability with an environmentally responsible approach to building and design.

The good news is that you don’t have to sacrifice comfort to be conscientious. We’ve sourced a comprehensive range of eco-friendly materials and fittings to ensure you get a sustainable home without compromising on the good stuff.


Sustainable surfaces by Polytec

When it comes decorative surfaces, Polytec is the ultimate pairing of sustainability and style. Whether it’s for your kitchen, bathroom or laundry, Polytec have you covered with their range of responsibly manufactured melamine and laminate finishes.

Polytec are GreenTag certified and actively committed to reducing carbon emissions across the board, with over 10% of their manufacturing now powered by solar.


James Hardie Cladding

For stylish and durable cladding with an impressive GreenTag Platinum certification, look no further than Hardie Fibre Cement products, made using a durable mixture of cement, sand, water and cellulose fibre sourced from sustainably grown pine.

Hardie cladding is built for tough Australian climates and resistant to water, fire and pests. Whether it’s charming weatherboards or sleek panelling, this is the ideal choice when it comes to building long-lasting, beautiful homes.


Selkirk & Austral Bricks

As the saying goes – brick is best!

Long considered one of the most sustainable building materials, bricks are made from natural materials, require little maintenance, make homes energy efficient and can be recycled. They also last forever, so when you build with bricks you know you’re making a smart, durable choice.

Selkirk and Austral are two manufacturers driving sustainability in brickwork products.

Selkirk bricks are sourced from natural clay deposits in the Victorian goldfields and their ongoing commitment to technological advancement puts them at the forefront of sustainable manufacturing.

Austral is committed to carbon neutrality and their parent company Brickworks is part of the government-backed Climate Active program – actively working to reduce carbon emissions across the board.


Colorbond® steel

Colorbond’s® reputation precedes it, but it’s worth reminding ourselves that all steel contained in Colorbond® is 100% recyclable, and the inclusion of solar reflective technology in almost every colourway means keeping out the heat and keeping energy use to a minimum.


Energy Saving LED lights

Have you heard? LED lighting uses up to 75% less energy than regular halogen bulbs. They also last around ten times longer, meaning fewer changes and less strain on the planet and your wallet!

Take it up a level or down a notch by installing dimmer switches on your LED lights, so you can control the cost while creating the mood.


Alder Tapware

Nothing elevates the aesthetic of your kitchen, laundry or bathroom like sleek and stylish tapware. With Alder you can be certain you’re getting energy efficient ratings without missing out on any luxuries, such as their Save Mode. This reduces household hot water energy spend by up to 20%.


Make a commitment to the future

When you build with sustainable materials you’re making a commitment to your family’s future as well as the future of the planet.

If you’re environmentally minded, our team is here to talk about creating an efficient and sustainable home.

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