Alder and the Shoreham 425 Display

From the beginning Fairhaven and Australian owned Alder Tapware have had a strong, proud relationship which has held an enthusiastic and close friendship. Working together to finish beautiful homes, we discuss in more depth our time with the Alder team and our MyHAVEN Interior Design team here at Fairhaven. Our designers have worked closely with Alder for many years, completing homes with stunning finishes.

Sarah Fairweather, General Manager Alder, expresses “Fairhaven and Alder have a long and valued partnership over many years. We work closely with Fairhaven on ensuring their tapware and showers offered are the best in the market and meet the needs of their customers.”

The impeccable taste and innovation Alder offers, strives from being one of the first to bring coloured finished tapware into the building market. On the forefront of colour finishes, our display team show off the Graphite and Matt Black finishes in our Shoreham 425 display home.

display home is a leading example of the partnership with Alder. Amongst the fresh and modern Minta Farm estate in Berwick, we have two stunning floors offering high-end sophisticated elegance. Monochromatic finishes and fittings drape each surface with grace and ease. Coupled with modest furnishings, tasteful piece’s and abstract artwork.

Beginning with the Kitchen, the space was designed to feel modern and refined. Alder’s scratch resistant Nuova Calare range encapsulated the heart of the home through its stunning Graphite finish, proudly an Australian designed and engineered product. Its feature SAVE MODETM was designed to save energy by ensuring when you turn the mixer on in neutral position, it uses 100% cold water, thus saving on hot water ignition.

An extension to the Kitchen, the Walk-In-Pantry fitted similar. Complementing the feature Graphite, the remainder of the display flaunts Matte Black tapware. Our Interior Design team says “The Kitchen is the heart of the home for many and often has the biggest WOW factor”. Heavily contrasting against the white and grey surfaces, holding prime position to the space.

Curvaceous and practical the SAMM Sink Mixer is a contemporary look, suitable for almost any space. Benefiting from an ARMORE-KOTETM finish ensures superior scratch resistance, durability and anti-fingerprint design. Heavily contrasting against the white, grey surfaces and holding prime position to the space.

Reliable brands like Alder who offer a 15 year Warranty and a stunning range of products, are the reason our commitment to providing quality homes is possible.

Images: Urban Angles



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