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How to Get Started

House and Land Requirements & Process

Your New Home Consultant will provide you with up front pricing for your House & Land package, tailored to suit your choice of façade and any structural options chosen. Once you have finalised signing of your preliminary estimate, a non-refundable deposit will be taken. For certain packages a myHAVEN Selection Studio appointment will be conducted prior to your Tender appointment, where a non-refundable deposit will be taken to prepare you for contracts. To download your building journey, visit our Customer Journey page.

House & Land: Q&A

Here are some common questions and answers to get you started, specifically around House & Land.

When it comes to a simple and convenient solution for building your dream home, house and land packages have become increasingly popular. If you’re unsure of what ‘House & Land package’ refers to or how they work, let us help to explain.

What is a House & Land Package?

A house and land package is essentially a bundle where a builder offers a new home construction on a block of land that has already been acquired by the builder or by a land developer. For many people wanting to build a new home, a house and land package can be an easier option and in this arrangement, the purchaser does not have to find a block. This can streamline the process for those looking to purchase land as well as build a new home.

How do they work?

Once the design process is complete, the builder will provide you with a contract, which will outline all of the costs involved in building your home. This will include any site costs, the cost of the construction and any other fees that may be associated with the project.

Separate to the build contract, the purchaser will be required to place their deposit directly with the developer for the land.

Do you have a house and land financing partner?

Yes we do! Rate One was created with the aim to assist buyers to achieve their goals in the property market. You can read more about them on our Finance page.

Construction and repayment stages?

We have created an overview of what the key stages in your building journey with us will look like, when payments are required as well as key reminders throughout construction so you know what to expect. To download your building journey, visit our Customer Journey page.

What are the design and customisation options available for a house and land package?

Our Simplicity range of homes has carefully curated options by our in-house Interior Designers, with flexibility to personalise the home. Both Bridgewater & Elegance homes have structural options pre-designed for you to choose from at Sales. Interior Designers will assist you with your myHAVEN Selection Studio appointment discussing all colours, fittings, fixtures & electrical.

Are there any additional costs that I would need to be aware of?

House and land packages can often come with a fixed-price contract. This means that the price is locked in from the start, so there are no unexpected costs or price hikes. Keep in mind costs associated with buying property such as conveyancing and bank fees.

After handover there are a range of items that will be required by the developer within certain time frames, often these are front landscaping, fencing & driveways. We can complete the driveway if you wish during construction to make moving in easier.

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