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Vastu Shastra design for a positive home

Designing a positive home begins with the right kind of energy. Vastu Shastra is an ancient Indian science through architecture, in creating positive energy and eliminating negative energies in and around a person or place. Positive homes focus around the Mandala Purusha arrangement. The placement and direction of objects, colours and materials all impact each other. Today’s home designs reach further away from traditional architecture and into a world of contemporary and modern design.

There are a lot of ways that we can use aspects of Vastu Shastra design to incorporate the two together and capture the positive flow of energy through the home. Below you will find a list of tips to guide you through the design and decoration of your new home.

Benefits of Vastu

Vastu Shastra benefits everyone. This science touches every aspect of human life. Vastu homes offer a healthy secure life, protection from emotional traumas and meaningful existence to the household. A family will have a feeling of peace and harmony, good income, great social and personal life, recognition in professional fields and a strong family bond.

Structural Design

Vastu designed homes have energies throughout for better life and prosperity. A home with awning windows that open outwards, rather than sliding windows, allow for natural flow of light, air, and positive energies throughout. Where possible, consider an odd number of rooms (with a door). Another key area is where your Pooja room and Brahmasthan placement will be, there are various ways our designs can focus on these important aspects. The orientation of rooms is also a key consideration.

Main Entry

Vastu Shastra is key in the Entry point to your home, and the Entry point for positive energy. Encouraging wealth into the home, best facing North/East/North-East direction.
A taller or wider timber door that towers above the other doors in your home is best, opening clockwise to a large well-lit entrance.


In Vastu Shastra, staircases are given very high importance, it is said and believed, residents enjoy wealth, health and peace of mind if stairs are built in South West corner/West or South directions in a home. Under stair storage is ideal, painted with soothing colours and light, avoiding reds and blacks.

Bathroom + Toilet

Placement is not ideal near the Entry. Keep the door closed as much as possible and use light colours.


To ensure spiritual growth, a room in the house should be designed for meditation and prayers. Best placed within the East/North-East direction and coloured with white, beige, light yellow or green. The Pooja room works as a space within the house that drives and heightens positive energy. Many of our designs incorporate a Study or Nook which can second as a Pooja room/cabinet, avoid placement in a storeroom or Bedrooms. Timber laminate floors will bring warm undertones and nature into this spiritual area.


First impressions often gather in Living rooms where you meet guests. To make for a favourable residence keep the space light with touches of green to promote a sense of togetherness and affection. Keeping this space clutter free, with any mirror placement on the North wall. Best placed in the East/North/North-West, alternatively South facing. Placement and installation of electrical appliances in the South-East of the Living room. Keep furniture placement off the walls with heavy pieces kept in the West or South-West direction of the Living room.

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Considered most holy, sacred, and powerful area of the home is the very centre of the home. This is the area where all directions meet, and positive energies are dispersed. Kept open, clean, calm and clutter free. This central part of the home could be used as a main hall or pooja room but should be free of walls.


Placed within the South-East area of the home, or North-West, as far away from a Bathroom as possible. Cooktops and ovens to face South whilst Kitchen sinks should be positioned towards the North-East. Kitchen windows are a great way to let negative energies out. The Kitchen area requires perfect balance as the two opposite forces of fire, and water exist here. Thus, the sink and oven/cooktop should be far away from each other. Kept clean and tidy each night whilst avoiding the colour black due to its unfavourable aspects.

Dining Room

Placement of the dining room should not be exposed to the front door of the home. Dining tables should be a square or rectangle shape with placement adjacent to the Kitchen in the north-West or West side.


Designing your Bedroom can enhance positive energy and improve relations based on bed placement and materials. Ideally South/West of the home with the bed in the South-West corner, head facing West. Avoiding dark shades throughout, radiate positive energy through neutral/earthy tones like browns and almonds for good bedroom colours. Avoid mirror and television placement in front of the bed as this disturbs the calm of the Bedroom.

Bedroom – Children

Preferred directions are North/North-West and straight West. With bed placement in the South-West part of the room and doors not placed directly opposite the bed.
Our wide range of feature paint colours can assist in adding freshness to your child’s room. Yellow’s encouraged, although green is often associated with peace and increased brain power.


Avoid designing under a Bathroom or Beam, sit facing the door. Study placement is suited to a placement facing North-East/East or West. Light and neutral colour schemes for better learning power with computer placement to the right-hand side of the desk.


Plants play a major role in landscaping and indoor spaces, as they energise our surroundings. Attracting peace, tranquillity, and well-being to an indoor environment.

Rubber plants reflect wealth and financial growth as well as acting as a natural air purifier. Chinese flowers symbolise optimism and health, promoting goodwill and positivity. Avoid placement of prickly plants, bonsai, and cactus as they bring negative energy.


Decorative Design

Brighten corners of the home as this is considered a powerful source of energy. We can assist with window furnishings that play an important part in protection from sunlight and the generation of balance within the home. Keeping furniture off walls also improves the flow of energy. Consider your colours throughout as they play a strong part in spreading the mood and feeling of warmth, keep it light with the use of natural materials. Broken or damaged items should be disposed of as they block positive energy.



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