Top tips to give your space the finishing touch

You know what they say – it’s not what you do but how you do it.

Picture this: you’ve got your house set up exactly how you’d imagined, but when you look around there’s just… something missing.

It’s not just about having the right furniture or the right colour paint on the walls. If you’re wondering how to bring your space to life, we’ve got some clever tips on how to add the finishing touches that make your house a home.


It’s all in the detail

The word ‘space’ invokes a sense of something dynamic.

Paying attention to detail means thinking about how space shifts and changes according to different elements – light, heat, layout, movement, mood. Considering the effect these elements might have on a room is the best way to begin thinking about what kinds of finishing touches your space needs.

Smart storage

Let’s start with an easy one. Having a sleek space means keeping clutter out of sight with clever storage options.

Hide your cables

Nothing looks worse than a messy tangle of cables and leads. Streamline your lights, tech and home entertainment by organising and hiding cables out of sight.

Tahlee 285 Display Home

Something old, something new

Gone are the days when people could afford to update their décor every couple of years.  It’s more sustainable to invest in timeless pieces – but what if all these random bits and bobs just don’t match?

There’s an easy fix: pay attention to how they work together. Grouping furniture and ornaments by colour, for example, is a great way to create continuity. You can do the same with material, era, aesthetic… the list goes on!

Instead of new and shiny and matchy matchy, be creative with your arrangements choose things you’ll love for years to come.

Let your style shine

Your personal style is going to speak louder than something you’ve copied from a magazine. Express yourself and let your home’s individual character come through.


Scent and light

Candles, fragrance, incense – smell is a powerful sense and one we most associate with home. Play with scents to add texture, character and atmosphere to your space.

It’s also fun to consider how light sets the mood and affects objects. Sunlight glaring off a glass frame, for example, can obscure your view of the picture. Instead, where could you place it so that light and shadow offset the picture’s stunning effects?


Create contrast

Pair contrasting but complimentary materials, colours, shapes and textures to generate interest and engage the senses.


Fairhaven has the finishing touch

When it comes to building great homes, we know it’s the little things that matter.

Whether it’s quality materials, exciting designs, sustainable approaches or creative finishes, you can be sure Fairhaven pays attention to every detail.

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