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Top 5 tips to create a luxurious Main Bedroom

There’s something extra special – decadent, even – about a luxurious Main Bedroom. While we may not spend every night in the Theatre Room or outdoor entertaining area, the Main Bedroom is where we spend the most time. Why not bring a little luxury to your everyday?

Here are some great tips from the Fairhaven Homes interior design team to lux up your Main Bedroom:

  1. Floor to ceiling and wall to wall sheer curtains

Is it the softness of the sheer fabric? The subtle way the light they let in drifts through the space? The striking presence and impact of what essentially becomes a feature wall? The flexibility you get to use colour to match or enhance other aspects of the room? It’s probably a combination of all these, and more.

  1. Feature bedhead with large bed and stacked cushions

A feature bedhead can transform your space and add instant character, charm and impact. There is a wide range to choose from, and you can choose materials that celebrate or contrast other design features.

When coupled with a large bed and stacked cushions, your space oozes comfort, sophistication and style. This is when dreams come true, giving you that luxury hotel feel at home.

  1. Feature pendants either side of the bed

Our designers know that the clever use of lighting can transform a space. Feature pendants either side of the bed add an artistic quality and sense of style and balance, while also softening the mood and creating a warm, inviting area.

Newport 413 bedroom interior - Fairhaven Homes

  1. Plush carpet with upgraded underlay

Without doubt, plush carpet looks incredible, and brings warmth and style to your space. But when coupled with an upgraded underlay, the soft and comforting sensation underfoot is something you need to experience. When your dream home lifts you into the clouds, it’s only right to feel like you’re walking on air.

  1. Spacious room size with large openings

When it comes to the bedroom, big is definitely beautiful! A larger space truly creates a sense of grandeur by giving you room to move and space to take in the stunning features and furniture in your dream Main Bedroom. You can add to the sense of space with large openings to a Walk-In-Robe and Main Ensuite. The clean lines of squareset plaster brings together the wall and ceiling joins to give a modern and minimal look which is on point with the rest of the luxury features throughout the room, and your home.

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