Titled vs untitled and – when can you get on site?

When embarking on a house and land build, your land will either be titled or untitled. The build process can only start once your land is titled. Let’s look at the process to get untitled and titled land ready to commence building.

Untitled land

If you’ve bought land based on a blueprint from a developer, there has been no previous owner for that land parcel. Your land is classed as ‘untitled’ – meaning there is no land title. There will not yet be services such as sewage and power to the block.

Your local council issues land titles, and they will provide an estimated date for when your title will be granted.

Titled land

Steps required once land is titled:

  • Fairhaven Homes is notified by council that the land is titled and ready for access.
  • Your Client Relations Officer orders a soil and survey report.
  • Your Council releases ‘Property Service Information’ (PSI) that provides Fairhaven with details of your Sewer, Stormwater, Planning Overlays, etc.
  • Engineering reviews the soil and survey report, along with land specific PSI, to determine which foundations are required.
  • We order a building permit with your appointed Registered Building Surveyor.
  • Your finance broker requests unconditional finance approval and notifies us when this is received.
  • Your settlement date is approximately 14 calendar days (subject to your land contract), from when title is granted.
  • A building permit can be issued once your land has settled and all essential information has been provided to Fairhaven Homes.

When can your build commence?

Our ability to access the site and commence building depends on your finance approval being granted, your settlement and your contract deposit being received. If everything is in order, we can usually get on site between six to eight weeks from the titles being released. To avoid unnecessary delays, ensure you are on time with all requested documents and payments.

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