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Tips & Tricks for Spring Cleaning Your Home

As we move on from winter hibernation and thaw out in the spring sunshine, motivation levels tend to increase. The annual spring cleaning ritual has become a staple for many.

The origins of the concept of spring cleaning are unclear. Some point to Jewish Passover traditions as the reason behind this tendency. Others believe that it’s a result of needing to clean up after a winter of coal, oil and soot from old-fashioned heating methods.

Whatever the reason, spring cleaning has endured as a classic way for many to bring in the season! If you’re planning your spring clean, take a look over these tips and tricks to get the job done to the highest standard.


Make a to-do list

Don’t forget anything — make a list of all the bits and bobs you want to get to room by room. Don’t forget about sorting cupboards and drawers, cleaning walls, windows, sliding door tracks, inside the split system filter, on top of cabinetry, behind the fridge, under the couch and under beds.


Begin at the top

When embarking on a big clean, it’s best to start from top – literally. There’s no point vacuuming and mopping floors if you’re yet to wash walls and de-cobweb corners. Save yourself from double-handling areas by commencing your clean from ceilings first, then to fans, walls, higher shelves and so on, saving floors until last.


Start over again

Sometimes a clean isn’t all you need, but more of a serious sort out too. We can quickly and easily accumulate lots of “stuff” over the years, and it’s worth taking the time to pull everything out and review its importance. Which leads us to the next point…


Say goodbye when necessary

Don’t be afraid to say goodbye to items that are no longer needed. Arrange a few piles — one for the keep items, one for items to sell or donate, and another pile for items that are ready for the bin.


The finishing touches really count

A new plant or two, a fresh candle, washed curtains — the finishing touches will ensure that all your effort is wrapped up beautifully.


Know your limits

We can’t be gurus of everything, but there are plenty of professionals who specialise in a variety of spring cleaning tasks. Whether it’s the cleaning jobs you really don’t like doing, helping to create more organisation in certain spaces or help getting the garden ready for summer, call in a professional as needed. It will be worth every penny.


Prepare for next year’s spring clean

Make next year’s spring clean that bit easier by getting a regular cleaning schedule up and running. A little maintenance goes a long way to keep your home beautiful always.

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