Tips on getting organised for Upsizing or Downsizing

There are many reasons why downsizing or upsizing your home might be necessary. From planning to upsize to accommodate a growing family or downsizing in the empty nest period of life, or just to simplify. Whatever your reasons, there are a few things you can do to help the transition go smoothly.

At Fairhaven, we see many families building homes for their own downsize or upsize journey and have come to find that these tips can make the process easier.


Keep/Sell/Donate: Streamline your belongings

Before moving, it is essential to declutter and assess your belongings. Determine what items are worth keeping, what can be sold and what can be donated. Be honest with yourself and consider your new home’s size and storage options.

Downsizing allows you to let go of excess belongings, reducing clutter and simplifying your living space. On the other hand, upsizing offers an opportunity
to evaluate your current furniture and décor, determining what will complement the new larger space.


Assessing your needs

As you prepare for your new home, make a list of essential purchases required to enhance your lifestyle.

If you’re upsizing, consider the additional furniture or appliances needed to fill the new space. If not additional, sometimes it comes down to scale —
for example, a slimline couch may not have the same feel in a generous living space or your favourite rug is no longer big enough.

Downsizing may require you to downsize your furniture as well, ensuring that it fits comfortably within the smaller floor plan. Assess your current belongings and prioritise the items that will make your new home both functional and aesthetically pleasing.


Simplify or upgrade the way you live
Whether you’re upsizing or downsizing, any move to a new home presents an excellent opportunity to assess your lifestyle and make improvements.

For those downsizing, consider how you can simplify and streamline your daily routines. Look for storage solutions and space-saving furniture that will optimise your smaller home’s functionality.

If you’re going bigger, consider investing in home automation or smart technology to enhance convenience and efficiency around the house.


A thoughtful approach to moving house

As you embark on the journey of upsizing or downsizing, taking a thoughtful approach can ease the transition and help you get the most from your new home.

Fairhaven is committed to assisting you in creating a home that perfectly aligns with your upsizing or downsizing goals, making your transition seamless and satisfying.

Our modern, innovative designs incorporate countless features that enhance your daily life, no matter what size home you are set on. Start by having a chat with the team.