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Tips for getting your land ready for construction

It’s finally time to build!

The last thing you want now is any avoidable impediments preventing construction from starting on time or slowing down your progress.

Here are some tips to get your land ready so that your project can commence without unnecessary delays:

Evaluate the site. Take a look around and note anything that is a hazard, or could get in the way of the construction team. Make a list of tasks so nothing gets missed.

Cut back grass and weeds. You must mow your lawn prior to construction commencing, including clearing weeds, to ensure that the construction team has an obstacle-free environment to work in.

Remove all rubbish and rubble. Clear your land of any rubbish, including any debris that may be left over from a demolition or previous site works. If you have significant debris you need to dispose of, hiring a skip can be an efficient way to clear your land ready for construction.

Plan ahead. It’s easy to underestimate how much work is required to prepare your land for construction. It may look easy, but removing debris in particular can be taxing. Take the pressure off by planning well in advance of the scheduled construction start date, so you’re not racing to get everything done.

Phone a friend! Now’s the time to call in some favours from friends. A few extra hands will make the process less taxing – and a lot more enjoyable!