The Art of Illusion: How to Make Those Small Spaces Appear Larger

While small rooms can be cosy and inviting, and great for those looking for a modest home, if utilised incorrectly they can quickly look cramped and cluttered. It’s important to realise that having less space to work with doesn’t mean compromising on style and design – you just need to know the art of scale and perception.

Here are some tricks you can use yourself to perfect the art of illusion and create amazingly impressive small spaces.

Mirror, mirror on the wall…

To really have the fairest room of them all, you need to get a little creative in how you decorate your room. Adding mirrors is a great way to give the impression a room is bigger than it actually is. A tall mirror will draw the eye upwards and around the room, giving the impression of space and brightness. Smaller mirrors may be grouped together to create a feature wall. Placed near windows, a mirror can reflect natural light back into the space. Best of all, it’s a practical addition – especially for a smaller bedroom, for example, as you get ready in the mornings.

Let there be light

While some of your favourite colours could be a little on the darker side, it is best to keep smaller spaces light and bright. White surfaces reflect the light like mirrors do, so will help to make your room look airy. This is will be heightened even further if the room has a large window. Dark colours will make a space cosier, and if your room is quite small this won’t be a good thing.

Keeping it simple

This is definitely an instance where less is more. A few statement pieces and a few patterns are going to be much better than an overload of choices for the eye to wander over upon entering the room. Many homeowners fall into the trap of thinking a small room should be filled with small furniture. This isn’t the case; picking one or two big pieces will help make the space look grander. When selecting colours, too many colours and patterns will look confusing and give the impression of clutter. Select bold coloured items and use patterns sparingly.

Space saving solutions are your best friend

Try and select furniture that has a dual purpose. Purchase a bed, coffee table or couch that offers built in storage underneath. Hiding some clutter in these nooks can make a huge difference. Installing some shelving is all a great way to store items without impinging on your floor space.


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