Researching your home-buying non-negotiables

When it comes to building or buying a house, everyone has their must-haves. Those features that you consider essential for your home to support the way you want to live.

Non-negotiables can be personal and vary from person to person and there certainly isn’t any right or wrong. These non-negotiables can often be about a home’s aesthetics — maybe you’re set on a white house or a large front door. Sometimes it might be more practical than that though, such as wanting a double garage for storage or two levels for practical zoning.

While making your list of non-negotiables to help you identify what to look for when buying a house, we also recommend that you take it to another level too and consider elements that can’t be seen at first glance. There are many features of a home that play a crucial role in ensuring your long-term satisfaction and investment value that are not visible at all.

Let’s explore some key non-negotiables that you should consider for your checklist of things to look for when buying a house, whether you’re building or purchasing an existing home.


What can’t you see? Exploring the foundations of quality

While the aesthetics of a home are important, it’s vital to consider what lies beneath the surface.

Pay attention to the quality of construction materials, such as the strength of the foundation, insulation and sustainability. Adequate ventilation, soundproofing and energy efficiency are invisible factors that enhance your living experience. You want the hidden elements of your home to be just as impressive as its style.

We understand that for many home buyers there is a lot of information to understand when it comes to out of sight items.
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Tailoring your home to your style and needs

Your home is a reflection of your style and personal taste. It’s essential to assess whether a house design can accommodate your vision for your home.

There are plenty of factors to consider and often they’ll come down to the way you live. For example, if you love to cook, the size and layout of your kitchen could be a priority. If you have family or friends stay over, a spare room is likely important to you. Working from home could dictate the importance of a home office space. The number of vehicles you own might determine what size garage you need.

Assess your needs and create a home buying non-negotiables list to reflect it.


Anticipating your evolving lifestyle

Embarking on the journey of homeownership isn’t only about the ‘now’ — it’s crucial to consider your future needs.

Are you planning to start or expand your family? Will you require a home office or study down the track? A dedicated space for hobbies? Anticipating your future requirements will help you select a property that offers longevity and flexibility.


Resale value: Investing in a home that holds its value

Even if you envision your new home as a forever home, it’s smart to consider its resale value. Life is unpredictable, and circumstances may change down the line.

Choosing a home with good resale potential ensures that you have a valuable asset that can serve as a solid investment if the need arises. Factors such as location, local amenities, school zones, and market trends play a pivotal role in determining resale value.


Sustainability: Building for the future

Sustainability has become a non-negotiable for many homebuyers. Investing in an energy-efficient home not only reduces your carbon footprint but can also help to lower utility bills.

Consider features such as solar panels, water-saving fixtures, and insulation that promotes energy conservation. Fairhaven is committed to sustainability, offering many eco-friendly options to minimise environmental impact.


Fairhaven understands your non-negotiables

At Fairhaven, we know that every family has their own wants and needs that they look for when buying a home. Speak with our team about what you are looking for in a new home and we’ll help you to discover a design that is built to the highest standard to meet your needs now and into the future.