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Reconstituted Stone Changes

1st July 2024

Reconstituted Stone Changes and Innovation with QuantumZero
recycled surfaces

Sustainable Innovation and Silica-Free materials at WK Stone

Effective from the 1st of July 2024, all reconstituted stone will be banned from being manufactured in Australia. This will change the type of product that will be available to the building industries, meaning the products used in the construction of your home will change as well.  

What is Reconstituted Stone?

Reconstituted Stone refers to a stone product that is made by recombining and binding together crushed stone materials that previously existed in another form. The combination may include glass, quartz, marble, granite, basalt, minerals, additives and commonly a resin binder. This type of stone produces a strong material that is durable, low maintenance and stain resistant – without the high maintenance properties and price tag of natural stone.

You may often hear this product being referred to as Engineered Stone, which simply refers to a stone product that’s been manufactured, versus being slabs of naturally occurring stone that have come from a quarry.

Protecting worker’s health and safety

Engineered Stone has become a favoured product across many industries due to its benefits, including for use in our homes. Unfortunately, many of the products that have been available to this point have contained high amounts of crystalline silica, which is a natural compound found in materials like stone, sand, rock and clay.  

When Stonemasons cut, grind, drill or alter this material it creates very fine Crystalline silica dust which is highly hazardous, and if inhaled can lead to serious respiratory diseases like silicosis, lung cancer and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). With rising cases in Australia, the Australian Government has taken the lead globally to remove the product from the market.

“We love that it’s safe for stonemasons to cut, it’s sustainable, and it looks and performs the same as current materials.”

– Maria Talarico at WK Stone, on their new recycled surfaces.

Safe and durable Recycled Surfaces

Our partners at WK Stone have since developed a new, safe and sustainable product range; Quantum Zero recycled surfaces. 

This new generation of product is set to be the new standard amongst Australian homes. By redeveloping their original product, they’ve been able to create a more sustainable material that not only looks and feels the same, but also provides the crucial changes that protect those working in the industry.

Government regulations now restrict the use of crystalline silica to less than 1 percent. Quantum Zero recycled surfaces push beyond that requirement by utilising no crystalline silica in any of the materials used.

Quantum Zero, which is made of 79-90% premium recycled glass is a reinvention of engineered stone, and provides a replacement that not only looks and feels the same, but also maintains the same performance qualities for heat, stain and scratch resistance. 

Our myHAVEN team were lucky enough to see the first shipment of Quantum Zero as it landed into the WK Stone warehouse. The brand has colour-matched 33 of its market leading designs ensuring Fairhaven Homes clients and their new homes can seamlessly transition into the new guidelines. Fairhaven’s Product Manager Taylor Lott says “With our long-term relationship with WK Stone, we have been able to assure that we have a product that is safe and attractive for our clients, without adding any unnecessary delays or affecting their design selections. Our clients are thrilled with the new product, as it boasts the same warranty as before, whilst still maintaining the same look and feel.” 

The State Sales Manager of WK Stone Maria Talarico says “The WK Stone team have been busy working behind the scenes with our Suppliers, even before the ban was announced, to develop our innovative crystalline silica-free benchtop surface; Quantum Zero.  We love that it is safe for stonemasons to cut, it’s sustainable, and it looks and performs the same as current materials. It’s a game-changer in the future of Australian benchtop surfaces”

As manufacturing and companies look towards innovative sustainable practice, the development of new exciting materials continues to rise. The growth of recycled surfaces, which traditionally attracts a higher expense, sees an increased demand as the move to more sustainable materials are specified.

Leading the way with crystalline silica-free surfaces, Quantum Zero ensures our clients are able to continue to design beautiful spaces that will last a lifetime. 

Similar to Fairhaven, WK Stone is Australian family owned and operated, passionate about bringing clients visions to life. The team at WK Stone is excited about their new product and looks forward to this new step in their industry.

Should yourself or someone you know have worked in the stonemasonry industry, WorkSafe Victoria and The Alfred have extended their partnership in providing free health screenings.

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