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Why Open Plan Living is For You

Go into most display homes and you will quickly see a trend toward open plan living designs. Removing the walls that once separated common areas such as the kitchen, dining and living spaces, open plan living is becoming the go-to design option for most homebuyers – and for good reason!

Here are just some of the benefits to open floor plans for your next family home.

Great natural lighting
Creating a welcoming and inviting atmosphere is a must for any homeowner and lighting is going to play a big part in that. By removing the unnecessary walls from your design, you allow natural light to illuminate your entire space, creating a warm and vibrant area that is perfect for entertaining, cooking or relaxing.

This could mean you’ll require less electricity lighting up areas of your home that you require. Without barriers, it not only allows for more light but also promotes ventilation.

The ideal entertaining area
No longer does the cook have to miss out on the action as the party is unfolding all around them. A connected kitchen, dining and outdoor area means entertaining just got a whole lot easier and fun. Kitchens are often the focal point for most homes, and with the extra space this allows for large groups to gather without getting in the way of the cooking extraordinaire.Of course, entertaining doesn’t simply just mean large gatherings come birthdays or Christmas. This creates the ideal backdrop to any gathering, from family dinners to coffee with friends. With everyone gravitating in the same general areas without partitions, this also promotes family togetherness as you can share a space whilst still doing separate tasks.

Makes a home feel spacious
Without walls taking up space and blocking views, this type of floor plan is great for giving the illusion of extra space. Even for a reasonably small property, a lack of walls will make a home look grander. This may also give you better opportunities to get a little more creative with your interior design and select furniture that may not look as appealing in a confined space.

Great for families with small children
Most parents will tell you it’s when you can’t hear the kids you need to worry. With an open plan home, you’ll enjoy uninterrupted lines of sight. This means you can keep an eye on that little one in the living room while you quickly tidy up the kitchen. You’ll also be able to keep watch while they play in the backyard without effort.


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