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Multi-generational living: Future-proofing your home

Multi-generational living offers a unique opportunity to strengthen bonds, share responsibilities, and create cherished memories across generations.
Parents, grandparents and kids all living under one roof may not be everyone’s idea of a party, but for many it can be a suitable choice for a variety of reasons.

When looking at ways to accommodate the diverse needs of extended families, it’s all about creating a space that fosters togetherness while respecting individual privacy and comfort. Let’s look further at what multi-generational living is and how it can work.


What is multi-generational living?
Multi-generational living simply means that several generations live under one roof. This varies between families, and in many cultures it’s common for different generations to share a home. While it’s not as widespread here, recent years have seen more Australians embrace the lifestyle.


The rise in multi-generational homes
People turning to multi-generational living say there are standout benefits. Whether you’re pooling resources to build an affordable home everyone can enjoy or avoid the cost or upheaval of moving elderly parents into residential care, multi-generational living is an effective financial choice. It also enhances wellbeing, with benefits like emotional connection, intimacy, help around the home and minimising loneliness.


Non-negotiables for all parties
Sharing space can be challenging, and privacy is a key concern in multi-generational homes. It’s important to ensure all family members have their own spaces to relax, work, study or take a break. This is ‘non-negotiable’ – the good news is that it’s easy to incorporate into your build.


Design features to suit every family member
Our family home designs incorporate clever spaces like study nooks, dens, separate bathrooms, outdoor entertainment areas and even home cinemas. During the planning process it’s a good idea to find out what each family member wants in terms of space, function and features. Including something for everyone is one of the keys to making intergenerational living work.
Riverview 219 Single Storey Display Home Kaduna Park Estate


Achieving balance
Families need flexibility, especially with several generations under one roof. Whether you’re looking at a single or double story, three bedrooms or five, our home designs give you options. Choose between a range of facades and floorplans to achieve the perfect balance.


Adding value
Faced with sky-high rents and mortgages, many families find living together a fruitful alternative to shelling out separately. As it becomes more widespread, upsizing to a multi-generational home is a smart choice both for families and investors looking to enhance the resell value of their home.


Look to the future with Fairhaven
Making space for multiple generations can add value for your life in more ways than one. Book a consultation with one of our experts and let’s explore ways to build a home that everyone can enjoy for years to come.