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Should you move, extend or rebuild?

With a growing family, and less and less space to keep everyone happy, many households will one day face the dilemma: do we move to a bigger house, extend our current house, or knock it down and build our dream home?

There are many reasons why you might choose to move or extend; but if you love where you live, don’t want the drama of selling / buying / moving, and you have always dreamed of crafting a new modern home that fits every current and future desire, a total rebuild could be the answer.

A knockdown rebuild involves, you guessed it, starting from a totally clean slate. This gives you free reign to design the perfect home for your needs right now, and for whatever the future may bring (including one day selling).

Advantages of a knockdown rebuild include:

  • You can design your dream home from the ground up
  • Enjoy effortless modern living now, and for many years to come
  • Continue to enjoy the friends, schools and other amenities that you love about where you live right now
  • Get the chance to use quality materials and foundations that will ensure your new home stands the test of time (and kids)
  • Significantly increase your resale value (if you can ever tear yourself away from your beautiful new home)


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