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I have my building contract, now what?

When it comes time to sign a building contract, you might have been on this journey for some time already. Researching, decision-making, budgeting, visiting displays — it’s all time well-spent to ensure you make the ideal choice for you and your family!

But once you have your building contract, what happens next? Signing a building contract marks an exciting milestone in your journey towards constructing your dream home. However, it’s important to understand what comes next to ensure a smooth and successful building process.

Let’s take a look at what you need to know during the next phase.


  1. It’s really happening

Once you have a prepared block and the building contract is signed, you will really start to get excited. It’s happening! All that work you’ve put in and the decisions you pondered over have been made and it’s going to come to life. Take a moment to let that sink in and enjoy it!


  1. Your choices are locked in

You’ll be glad you put your heart in to making those tricky choices about colours, finishes and features because once you have your building contract signed those decisions are locked in. The great thing is, when you have made those decisions carefully and with the help of Fairhaven’s interior design team, you can feel confident about the end result.


  1. The 5% deposit is paid

The building contract signing coincides with the payment of the 5% deposit. This means you’ll need to make sure you have the financial side of things all sorted at this time so things can proceed smoothly.


  1. Asset Protection Permit and Community Infrastructure Levy

Before building can start, an Asset Protection Permit is required. This is to ensure that Council’s public assets and infrastructure are kept protected during construction. You must arrange payment of the Security Deposit with your local council.

To obtain a building permit, most sites require a Community Infrastructure Levy. This goes towards local infrastructure to meet the future needs of the community. This too requires payment to the local council.


  1. Clear your block of land

Ensure that you clear your block of any rubbish and long grass before site cut.

A final site inspection confirms a clear block of land that is ready to go! Your electrical pit will be installed now too.


  1. Site Start

Woo hoo! That home you’ve been waiting for won’t just exist in drawings for long — you will be able to attend pre-arranged site visits to stay in the loop throughout the construction process. Plus, the Fairhaven team will be in regular contact with you so you are always across what’s happening.


  1. Electricity and NBN

You will most likely receive an Electricity Connection Fee, that is charged for the initial electricity connection of the dwelling to the electrical pit. Check-in with your NBN provider about connection lead times to ensure you allow enough time, if we have prepared your home for future NBN connection you must arrange your own Service Provider to connect.

Signing a building contract is just the beginning of an exciting journey towards owning the home you’ve always wanted. With the support of the Fairhaven Homes team, you can enjoy watching your vision come to life as your new home takes shape.


Before you know it, you’ll have a brand new home to move into and enjoy for years to come.

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