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How to stay cool this Summer

When the weather heats up, we all want to stay comfortable and cool. Thankfully there is more than one way of keeping the heat under control in summer.

As the temperature rises over the coming months, try one or more of these approaches to maintain an enjoyable space no matter the weather.


  1. Position your home wisely

If you are just starting out on a home-building journey with Fairhaven Homes, now is the perfect time to be able to make important decisions about where to position your home, rooms and windows with the sun in mind. Avoiding the hot afternoon sun coming into your key living spaces can be a clever way to have a cool home throughout the year.


  1. Be smart about your window furnishings

Blinds, curtains and awnings play a big role in your home’s styling, but they can be a game changer for temperature control too. The hot sun on your home can see things heat up quickly. Choose options that block out the sun to prevent that solar heat passing into your home.




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  1. Close up during the day and open up the house in the evening

Timing is everything when it comes to keeping your home cool. Once the sun starts to heat up, aim to close doors and windows as well as blinds, curtains and shutters where possible. This will minimise the amount of heat entering your home over the course of the day.

Once the sun goes down and an evening breeze kicks in, open up doors and windows to let the air flow through. This cooler night air will help any trapped heat from the day move through and out. It’s always worth making the most of a cool breeze.

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  1. Insulation

Insulation is important and is included in your build. You will also have the option to upgrade from the inclusion to maximise the energy efficiency of your home. Consider sarking, Anticon, wall insulation, ceiling insulation and double glazing.


  1. Be smart with your home cooling system

When building a home with Fairhaven Homes, consider all your options. Evaporative cooling, refrigerated air-conditioning, or ceiling fans can all play an important role in having a temperate home year-round. Positioning your cooling systems to get the most from them while minimising energy usage is the goal. You can even set up timers so that you can keep on top of the heat too.



Stay comfortable in a Fairhaven Homes

Maintaining a home that is cool and comfortable even in the midst of summer is achievable with these clever decisions and simple tricks. It all comes down to minimising the incoming heat, maximising airflow as the hot weather subsides and staying on top of it.

At Fairhaven Homes we are committed to designing and building homes to the highest standard. With Fairhaven, you can trust that your home is well-insulated, sealed and weatherproof to take on Victoria’s conditions.

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