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How to organise your butler’s pantry

Butler’s pantries are an increasingly popular design feature. They can be a clever way to hide your mess, or a tool that transforms your relationship with your Kitchen. Many Fairhaven designs offer various cabinetry choices to create a dream Kitchen and butler’s pantry. If your space is smaller, there are simple ways to organise and declutter your butler’s pantry so you make full use of all the space. Who knows – you may even fall in love with cooking again!

Small Spaces 

You don’t need a huge house to warrant a butler’s pantry; it’s possible even in a small Kitchen. Save space and add flexibility with an internal door to the butler’s pantry, where you can close the space off or keep the conversation going when preparing food for guests.


Butler’s pantry shelves are simple, practical and economical; but good access and visibility are critical. Deep shelves can be hard to see and reach, so keep large items such as appliances at the back and smaller items toward the front. Zone each space according to usage.

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Not all butler’s pantry designs can accommodate built-in cabinetry, although many can. For some, additional storage, bench space, washing or cooking zones are required. Flexibility to prepare food in separate spaces to entertaining or ensuring that there are no untidy open shelves, have additional cabinets providing ample opportunity!

Pull-out Storage & Presentation

If building in cabinetry, pot drawers reduce clutter by providing great visibility and access. Slide-out systems are also great if you have a deep and narrow space. Open shelving caters to stylish pull-out baskets which will do the job for a lot less cost, whilst providing great access and visibility. Presentation through clear cannisters and labels for quick access and simple reminders of what’s getting low, with longer lasting food and a neat touch!

Go high

Make full use of your available space by going up. Use a step ladder to access high shelves and use wire baskets that you can slide out and easily see what’s in them.


Your organisation is only as good as your ability to see things, so good lighting is vital – especially in small spaces with limited natural light. This is extra important if your butler’s pantry has bench space or a food preparation area. Options include downlights or even directional spotlights.


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