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How to create the perfect guest bedroom

Having guests come to stay at your new home is an exciting when you’ve built a house you are proud of. Of course, before the visitors can settle in for the night, creating an inviting guest bedroom space is important.

A great way to think about a guest bedroom can be to consider the elements of a hotel experience. Bed linen, tidiness, cleanliness, colour schemes — they all come together to create a space that will make your visitors look forward to their next stay!

We’ve compiled a bunch of quick tips to help you as you plan out the perfect guest bedroom at your new home:


A comfortable place to sleep

No matter where you are staying, it’s important to be able to get a good night’s rest. To achieve this, we would recommend a comfortable mattress and plush pillows for your guest bedroom.

An all-seasons doona is a safe bet, along with both a lightweight and heavier blanket as options in the room for varying preferences and weather changes. Adding a spare set of sheets in the cupboard can be a thoughtful addition too.

Depending on the size of your home, your guest bedroom might need to be utilized as a multi-purpose space, therefore a bed won’t necessarily be the right option. Not to worry — there are multiple options for functional sofa beds or adaptable armchairs that could be used for an alternative versatile sleeping option.


Shine a light on your guestroom

Lighting can have a distinct impact on any room, and your guest bedroom is no exception.

As well as the ceiling light, add a lamp near the bedside for an easy-to-access option at night and to suit those who like to read in the evening.



Provide storage

Depending on how long your guests are staying, having the option to unpack can be useful.

A side table next to the bed, a couple of drawers or a small spot in a wardrobe will do the trick.

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Consider offering mod cons

To really give your guests the five-star experience while staying with you, you might like to add some modern conveniences to enhance their visit.

A couple of good books to read next to the bed, the wireless log-in details easily accessible, a clock, a charger or even a television can be included in a guest bedroom.


Prioritise personal care

Providing some basic daily necessities such as towels, a mirror, a fresh toothbrush (just in case) will help your visitors feel right at home.

It’s always nicer to have these items prepared for your guests before they ask, creating maximum comfort during their stay.


If it’s time to upgrade your home to include a guest bedroom, speak to Fairhaven Homes about building your dream home. Whether you want to build on a vacant block of land, or you are thinking of knocking down and rebuilding, we have a range of exceptional home designs to meet a variety of preferences and budgets. Get in touch.

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