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Five ways to create your dream Kitchen

A good Kitchen turns a house into a home. A dream Kitchen is a space that you’ll love spending time in to craft exceptional meals for family and friends. It becomes a central hub that your loved ones and guests will be drawn to.

Here are five top tips to transform your Kitchen from good to great:

Pot drawers

Pot drawers are a clever feature that provide more storage while saving you hassle and back ache. No more bending down and digging through pots to reach the backs of cupboards! Now you can quickly and effortlessly find the perfect pot for the job. (You’re welcome.)

Bench space

A cramped bench space does not encourage you to get your MasterChef on. Your dream Kitchen should have a generous amount of bench space for food preparation – you’ll be amazed at how much more enjoyable creating meals for your loved ones will become.

Power points

Don’t stress – you don’t need to make (or sit through) a presentation on Kitchens! We’re talking about power points for your appliances: kettle, toaster, coffee machine, sandwich press, slow cooker and air fryer to name just a few. Allow for multiple phones and tablets that need to be charged. Bottom line: the more power points, the merrier.

Custom appliances

Your dream kitchen will have appliances that are specifically selected to suit your Kitchen’s design and your current needs. For example, a wall tower oven means you avoid bending over, making it easier to use and clean. And while it’s tempting to use your perfectly good existing appliances, this is an opportunity to use appliances that match your dream Kitchen design and layout – go for it!

Pendant lighting

Pendant lighting over an island benchtop achieves several goals. First, they’re super-functional: you can see what you’re doing while you prepare meals or enjoy breakfast. But they also function as a decorative feature: they’re modern, stylish and exceptionally beautiful, and give you a more subtle lighting option to create the perfect mood.

Start your journey

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