Five reasons to choose solar power for your home

Tossing up whether to incorporate solar power into your new home? Energy costs are consistently rising, therefore renewable energy sources like solar power becoming a priority for many and also providing sustainability.

Solar power systems have evolved over the years and are now more affordable and efficient than ever before, with options to suit the needs and budgets of many homeowners.

There are many benefits of having solar power for your home, including these five key reasons.


  1. Save on your bills

Energy prices are reaching record highs, and solar power is a way to reduce your energy bills instantly. On average it is estimated that bills for solar power homes will be approximately 20% lower. Over a lifetime, you can expect to save around $50,000 on your bills when you have a solar power system.


  1. Return on investment

Not only can you save money directly on your energy bills, but your surplus energy created via a solar power system on your home means you can access feed-in tariffs (FiT). With FiTs, you receive credits per kilowatt hour of electricity you export back into the grid. While there is an initial cost to install solar power systems, Australian solar-powered homes tend to recover that outlay within just three to four years and go on to save for decades.


  1. Do your part for the environment

With solar panels installed, your home’s carbon footprint is reduced. You’ll be generating clean, renewable energy and reducing dangerous greenhouse gas emissions. Solar power works by converting sunlight into electrical energy, making exceptional use of the most powerful and sustainable resource we have — the sun.


  1. Improve your home’s value

Sustainability and saving money are both top priorities for many Australians. When your home has solar power, it can provide money savings and environmental benefits for many years and can add value when you sell.


  1. Future-proof your home

Solar power systems are durable and reliable, offering long-lasting savings. With Australia striving towards a future with a greater focus on clean, renewable energies like solar power, installing solar power is a great way to future-proof your home.


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