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Fairhaven Homes for a sustainable future

Liveability and sustainability should go hand in hand. At Fairhaven Homes it is our responsibility to create a high-quality home for you while also aiming to take a sustainable approach to the way we build homes.

Doing our bit for the planet shouldn’t mean sacrificing on the finished result we can achieve. With this in mind, we have a range of key supplier materials that offer sustainable benefits so you can get the quality, endurance, style and aesthetic you are after while being environmentally responsible.


Timber weatherboards by Weathertex

There is a reason that Weathertex is the leading supplier of timber weatherboards in Australia. Not only do they provide Australian made and owned cladding and timber wall panelling of exceptional quality, they are also eco-friendly with a better than zero carbon footprint.

From classic to modern, Weathertex timber is versatile for any aesthetic. Plus, it’s safe for you and the environment as the products are ethically sourced and 100% natural with no chemical additives. This means no artificial glues, no silica and no resins or formaldehyde.

Ballina 250 Master Bed - Fairhaven Homes


Cabinet doors and panels by polytec

From kitchen and laundry cabinetry, laminate benchtops and more, polytec create sleek finishes to suit every style. What’s more, polytec is consciously committed to environmental preservation.

They have a range of initiatives in place such as the reDirect Wood Recycling which recycles their products and reduces landfill, as well as their solar power commitment to reduce carbon emissions during the manufacturing process. They also hold a Level A Green Tag Environmental accreditation.


Bricks by Austral

Austral is renowned for being at the forefront of brickwork products, but did you know they also strive to create beautiful products that last forever? They are dedicated to sustainable manufacturing and a year on year increase in recycled material use.

When you build with Austral bricks, you have peace of mind that you are building with a company who is committed to going carbon neutral. In fact, Austral’s parent company Brickworks was the first company in Australia to deliver Climate Active Certified Carbon Neutral Bricks to national and international markets — and they intend to double the volume of products sold in Australia that hold leading sustainable qualities by 2025.


Colorbond® steel

The durability of Colorbond® steel means that it has a long life, which not only means your roof will stand the test of time, but it reduces additional resources and energy. And let’s not forget that all Colorbond® steel contains recycled content, with the steel in Colorbond® steel 100% recyclable.

Additionally, Colorbond® offers five lighter colours that qualify as solar reflective to beat the heat and the inclusion of Thermatech® solar reflectance technology in every colour with the exception of Night Sky. The goal is to better manage your home’s temperature without the need to run cooling so you can do your bit for sustainability.


Sustainability meets liveability

As well as having a positive impact on the planet, sustainability features contribute to a more comfortable home for you and your family. Plus, you can save on bills and expenses long-term.

If you’re focused on sustainability, chat to our team about how we can create a new home that delivers on all fronts.

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