Exploring Fairhaven special offers for your new home

Aspiring to own a beautiful and luxurious home is a goal for many. That’s why at Fairhaven we aim to do our part to make building your dream home as accessible as possible.

We have a range of current special offers* designed to provide you with exceptional value throughout the home-building journey. Let’s take a look at a few
of the options you have to explore to save big and build something beautiful with Fairhaven.


Luxury Built-In

Luxury should be a standard feature in every home, not an expensive upgrade. The Fairhaven Luxury Built-In offer, available across our Bridgewater
and Elegance home designs, grants you access to stunning luxurious finishes that we include in your home as standard.

These are features that other builders would typically upsell, but we prioritise delivering unparalleled quality without compromise.

Take a look at the brochure here.


Land Titling Soon

Imagine receiving up to a $10,000* bonus on your budget to spend on the features that truly matter to you… With Fairhaven, you can!

This exclusive offer could be right for you if you have land that is titled or titling soon. We’re committed to not only helping you get into a new home faster,
but you’ll also get up to a $10,000* bonus to spend on your kitchen, electrical, insulation or anything you wish in your myHAVEN appointment.

Take a look at the details here or get in touch.

Fairhaven Homes Land Titling Promo


First Home Run

With First Home Run at Fairhaven, we want to give you a leg up once you’ve started smashing your savings goals for a first home.

If you have saved at least $10,000* and meet the criteria for finance approval, you’re well on your way to making your dream a reality. Our finance partner can assist you in setting up a savings plan that will help you accumulate enough funds for the initial deposit on your new home.
Plus, you may also be eligible for the Government’s First Home Owners Grant (FHOG), providing you with additional financial assistance.

You need just three things to get started:
First — Ensure you have saved a minimum of $10,000*.

Second — Qualify for an agreed savings plan with finance partner that suits your financial goals.

Finally — Secure finance approval from finance partner to solidify your path to homeownership*.

We understand the significance of every savings milestone, and we’re here to support you every step of the way. Let Fairhaven help you achieve
your First Home Run! Learn more.

Fairhaven Homes Frist Home Run Promo



Refer a Friend & Loyalty Rewards

With our Refer a Friend, Loyalty Rewards offer, we want to express our gratitude for customers who spread the word about our homes. By referring a friend or family member, you not only help them discover their dream home, but you can earn $500* for each friend or family member you refer to build with us!

The best part? There’s no limit to the number of people you can refer! Every time someone you refer chooses Fairhaven as their builder, we’ll reward you with $500. It’s our way of saying thanks. Learn more.

Second, Third or Fourth Fairhaven build? As an appreciation for the loyalty of return customers, we will reward you with a discount of your home!

Fairhaven Homes Refer a Friend


At Fairhaven, we are committed to providing our customers with exceptional value, quality craftsmanship and outstanding service. Learn More.

Speak to our team about these special offers to find out which one will help you achieve your home-owning goals.



*Please note, terms and conditions apply to all offers at time of posting so be sure to speak with the Fairhaven team and check out the relevant brochure and/or webpage for full details.