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Essential checklist for moving into a new home

It’s no secret that moving house can be a big job. In between packing up your belongings, arranging times and dates with removalists and navigating work, children and life commitments, it can certainly be overwhelming and stressful at times. However, a little preparation can go a long way.

Knowing what you need to get sorted to move into your new home can ensure that things go as smoothly as possible on moving day. To help you move in to your new Fairhaven Home with confidence, we’ve compiled a checklist of essentials for you to consider.

There are a few things that are best to sort out before you arrive at your new home. For example, you don’t want to arrive at your beautiful new abode to find you have no power! Here are key things to arrange prior to the day you move in:

Connect utilities: Electricity, gas and water are essentials without a doubt! While they are generally quick to get you connected, it’s worth getting on top of it early and letting them know your move-in date so they have everything arranged for you in advance.

Connect the internet: For many, working from home is the reality which means your home internet connection could be vital. Plus, you might need the internet for streaming services or devices you use.

Change your address: Banks, subscriptions, electoral role, insurance, license and registration — they all need to be looped in on your new address.

Assess furniture needs: If you’re planning on having a new couch for your new living area, check on lead times for furniture delivery as new items or made to order can take some time.

Arrange time off: Trying to move before and after work is tricky. Ideally look at taking a day or two off as a minimum so you can get stuck into setting up your new home.

Organise trades: Some things are better done before you get there. Window coverings or decorative wall coverings are two examples. Organise trades to complete these jobs before you move in so you can relax in a completed home.

Put together a moving kit: Hammer, screwdriver, picture hooks, tape measure, scissors, packing tape, cloths — a little kit with these handy items can make things a lot easier.

Pack a first night bag: Just in case you don’t get to everything before bedtime on your first night in, a first night bag will have you covered. Basic toiletries, pyjamas, toilet paper and fresh clothes should do the trick.

Make note of boxes and valuables: Whether you’re moving yourself, having friends help or you have hired professional removalists, it’s always better to be on the side of caution when it comes to precious items. Taking photos of valuables, noting down how many boxes or who is taking what can help you to keep track of where everything is. That way, if anything goes missing, you can hopefully find it easily.

Moving in to your new Fairhaven Home is exciting — tick off these essential moving in tasks and immerse yourself in that new home experience!

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