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Get a Full View of Your New Home with Fairhaven Homes’ New App

Viewing potential homes inevitably takes up a lot of your time and energy. Purchasing a new property is a big investment, so it is understandable that you need to get a good feel for your potential home.

Fairhaven Homes has made life a little easier for house-hunters, thanks to an incredibly handy new mobile application. This mobile app has a host of great features that are geared towards making
your search for a new property as easy as possible. To give this fantastic app a try, you will find it on Google’s Play Store, as well as Apple’s App Store.

Host of Benefits to Make House Viewing Easier

Buying a home is a busy, time consuming task. Traditionally, when viewing a home, you would have to book an appointment with the estate agent, drive to the location at the agreed time and walk through the property in a fixed amount of time.

Fairhaven Homes’ new app has been designed with the prospective home buyer in mind, which eases a lot of the stress that house viewing can bring. With this app, you can browse a wide selection of homes from the comfort of your own couch. Better yet, you have full access to all of the floorplans and a 360 degree view of the property, from floor to ceiling. These features work effortlessly to help you get the feel for a place without even setting foot in it.

Get The Full Picture of Your New Home

Fairhaven Homes’ app provides the prospective home buyer with all the tools to view a home. Using this new technology, you can select a property and get a full, 3D view of the home’s floorplan. Better yet, you can actually tailor the designs and styles of the home from the app to get a feel for what might look nice. The cherry on top is the full, 360 degree view to completely immerse you in your new virtual home.

The benefits of this little app are obvious for the home buyer. Firstly, you are not rushed by any real estate agents looking to cut the viewing short. You can view at your own pace and take the time to fully soak up the spaces. Secondly, you have the ability to remodel and redesign the homes to your taste, something that would be impossibly impractical for an actual home viewing. These aspects make Fairhaven Homes’ app a must-have if you are browsing for a property.


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