How to Customise your New House to feel like a Home

The moment you step through the door of your new house, the feeling of “being at home” isn’t always the first thing that overtakes you. It’s not easy to feel at home straight away in a new house. You’re suddenly about to live in a place that doesn’t smell or feel like the one you’re used to, and your body and mind requires time to settle in as well. And then there’s the packing.
Fortunately, there are a few steps you can take in order to get more comfortable in as little time as possible.

  • Arranging and styling the place yourself – from setting up the living room to the backyard, arranging the new place to your taste is one of the fastest ways to make you feel at home. This is because you’re able to apply your own sense of style and custom touch to your new surrounds.  By doing it yourself, you can organise everything in a way that will be familiar to you and your mind, making it easier to wrap your head around in the long run.
  • Making positive changes – if you are someone who lived in an apartment with just a couch, getting new furniture can be an exciting adventure. It’s finally time to dress up your new space and treat it like a fresh beginning.
  • Creating new memories – write notes, keep records and take pictures and videos of memorable events that happen to you in your new home. Give your space a meaning and story.
  • Fill up the house with your favourite things – putting your favourite mugs on the kitchen shelf, painting specific rooms with your most loved colours, listening to that special song that was ‘‘meant for you’’ while doing the dishes and other chores will all make you feel a part of your own world.
  • Give it a chance – one of the reasons some people don’t feel at home in their new house is that they don’t want to. Give the new place a chance. By finding out interesting things about the new house you will soon realise that the place has its own perks and interests.


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